Filling the Void (2022–2023)

Filling the Void is an exhibition series of one-day presentations for emerging makers from all disciplines. Selected artists take over a part of The Grey Space for one day, to make themselves and their work visible to a broader audience.

With Filling the Void, The Grey Space wants to help stimulate The Hague’s environment for young creatives and emerging artists by offering a platform for short presentations. Within these 1-day presentations, makers will take over a part of The Grey Space and showcase their latest creations. In that way, they can make themselves and their work visible to a broader audience. In return, The Grey Space is proud that the space and the experience of our visitors is amplified by the artist’s creative output.

Filling the Void is curated by Yannik Güldner. Artists can apply through an open call.


As a space for fundamental creativity we intend for radical relations to emerge between people, art, digital culture, science, technology, philosophy and food. We take on a relational perspective and are looking for emerging talent with an artistic practice that actively seeks out other fields of knowledge and disciplines. We focus on selecting work(s) that contribute to a greater understanding and insight into how we relate to our human and more-than-human surroundings.

Filling the Void

Below, you can find an overview of all of our editions of Filling the Void throughout 2022 and 2023.

Open Call

Do you want to fill the void on an empty evening at The Grey Space? Are you still a student at the art academy, a recent graduate, an emerging artist, or designer, and looking for a space to present work? Or do you have a series that has always wanted to see the light of day? Do you want to get feedback on your latest creation and start a conversation with an audience? Submit your work!