Filling the Void: Ariane Toussaint

Wed 13 April

Filling the Void is developed and curated by Yannik Güldner and within this The Grey Space wants to help stimulate The Hague’s environment for young creatives and emerging artists by offering a platform for short presentations.

Poetics of Space

We are happy to announce the first edition of Filling the Void, with the presentation of Ariane Toussaint’s latest work Poetics of Space. This work follows her explorations in tactility and her love to working with fabrics. The Poetics of Space is a gigantic book whose pages are in fact blankets. It invites adults, as well as children to play, lay, sleep and dream. This sculptural and performative piece measuring around 30x150x165 cm, which evokes moments of tenderness and warmth. The book-bed is made of found fabrics that recall quilts and children book illustrations. The work is part of a bigger research inspired by the eponymous book of Gaston Bachelard, that explores home as a space for a personal cosmology.

Ariane Toussaint

Ariane Toussaint (1996) will fill the void in our beloved red space. Ariane is an artist based in France and The Netherlands. She works with visual and textual narratives rooted in personal stories. Her works investigate the links between the word, image and materiality of objects aiming to render the power of fiction of rearranging one’s own narrative. In her recent research, she is interested in childhood and learning processes and in particular in the combination touching/seeing/understanding in children’s books.

Filling the Void

Do you want to fill the void on an empty evening at The Grey Space? Are you still in the art academy, recent graduate, emerging artist or designer and looking for a space to present? Or have a series that always wanted to see the light of day? Do you want to get feedback on your latest creation and start a conversation with an audience?