Filling the Void: Gökay Atabek

Sun 23 April
Free Entry

Presented by The Grey Space

For this latest edition of Filling the Void, we welcome artist Gökay Atabek who masterfully fuses ping pong and experimental music into a singular sonic entity.

Discover the artist’s interactive sound installation composed of a prepared piano turned into a ping pong table and a tape machine sculpture. The display invites audience participation and improvisation in creating a unique musical piece.

Flux Piano Nr. II

Inspired by “Flux Ping-Pong” (Maciunas 1976) and referencing Raijmaaker’s “Ping-Pong”(1983), Flux Piano Nr.II invites the audience to play ping pong on a table made out of a disassembled piano. The string assemblies of the piano serves as the ping pong table alongside two wooden wings allowing melodic and percussive frameworks at the same time. As 2 players engage in a game, sounds are picked up via mics placed inside the table. A reel-to-reel tape machine handles the playback of the aforementioned sounds and it constantly records onto a loop.

As the tape loop runs through the machine, the recorded sounds of the previous games are played back into the space. It is then up to the players if they want to play with, or against the previous musicians.

Gökay Atabek

Gökay Atabek (TR) is an artist, researcher, and art-worker who has taken various roles of representative, accountant, webmaster, and production manager within Vølksamt! – an art collective focused on intermedia art. The collective’s main objective is to organize various elements, whether it be sound, objects, or people, into a cohesive entity. Before joining Vølksamt, Atabek specialized in computer and new media art, and has since developed a range of works including installations, performances, and sympathetic magic spectacles. Currently, his interests lie in fabrication, blue-collar labor, and mixology. Atabek and Vølksamt are based at the artist-run co-op de Besturing.

Practical information

The exhibition opens at 17.00

Free entry. 

Filling the Void

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