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Di Verso’s | 3 course diner by Kaas en Worst 🍽🧀🌭

[growling stomachs] Menu:
1 | homemade pork pate OR veggie terrine with cornichons, caramelized red onion on toast.
2 | moules frites OR oven roasted camembert with a fresh salad and French bread
3 | Dame Blanche

 Please email to diversodinners@gmail.com or attend the event on Facebook

Event: Kaas & Worst

Di Verso’s | 3 course diner by Haagse Hapjes 🍢🍧🌽

[growling stomachs] Menu:
1 | grilled watermelon and feta
2 | barbecued sardines, burgers, spicy sausages and rainbow vegetables (vegetarian)
–– served with couscous, a tomato salad, bread, salsa verde and aioli.
4 | grilled pineapple and coconut ice cream

 Please email to diversodinners@gmail.com or attend the event on Facebook

Event: Haagse Hapjes

Di Verso Cook-Off | Airisa Kalnina vs. Dan Nicholas 😰🍴

[growling stomachs] Dan Nicholas specialises in homestyle cooking from various cuisines around the globe, featuring fresh vegetables, fresh herbs and big flavors [x] Airisa Kalnina specialises in seafood and Asian accents.

⇨ Menu:
1 | Spicy tuna roll with crispy shrimp and teriyaki sauce [x] Fish Soup with potato, corn, tomato, bacon & saffron
2 | Cold Sesame noodles with korean style marinated grilled chicken, cucumber, bean sprouts, chopped peanuts & nori [x] Thai green curry with seasonal veggies served with flank steak.
3 | Red velvet cake with a matcha green tea frosting [x] Warm Apple Crisp with vanilla ice cream
⇨ Guests will be given a score card, and will rate each dish on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.

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👻 Di Verso | Halloween Dinner

[growling stomachs] The ladies of HaagseHapjes will create an inspiring menu during this Di Verso’s halloween edition.

⇨ Menu:
1 | Boddy Mary & Witch Vingers
2 | Spicy (Cheese) Fondue in Pumpkin, Freaky Veggies, Bone Bread
3 | Dig your own Chocolate grave!

⇨ RSVP by attending the event

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🥧Di Verso | Thanksgiving Dinner | Dan Nicholas🥧

[growling stomachs] ⇨ Menu:
1 | Roasted butternut squash soup
2 | Roasted turkey w/ homemade stuffing & gravy
mashed potatoes, sauteed green Beans with shallots & toasted almonds, bourbon glazed carrots, cranberry sauce
3 | Apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie

Di Verso | Japanese Stamppot | Hete Bliksem Aan Huis 🗻🇯🇵

[growling stomachs] ⇨ Menu:
1 | Sake with Edamame
2 | Japanese stamppot with chuka wakame, daikon, shi-take and a sesame-dressing.
With a homemade Sake sausage or vegetarian chicken teriyaki.
3 | Black sesame ice-cream

🧀 Di Verso | Klaasfondue 🧀

[growling stomachs]  Menu:

1 | zucchini brocolli soup
2 | cheese fondue with bread, fresh vegetables, fried mushrooms, roasted cauliflower
3 | kruidnoten cake with white chocolate

Aan Tafel! 🍴

[Dutch only, sorry!]

Aan Tafel! is een multimediale theatrale belevenis waar eten en herinneringen centraal staan. “Hoe smaakt jouw thuis?” Theatermaker Annemarie de Bruijn trok met die vraag Amsterdam in en trof een rijke keuken. Samen met filmmaker Jasper Masthoff en decorontwerper Reier Pos maakte zij een multimediaal diner over eten en de grappige, mooie, ontroerende of belangrijke herinneringen die daaraan vastzitten. Aan Tafel! is een theatrale belevenis met kleine hapjes. Het is geen volledig diner.

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💥 Di Verso | Soto-man 💥

[growling stomachs] A fresh new dinner during Di Verso’s! A rich soto soup made the old fashioned Indian way. Chicken or vegetarian stock, filled with lots of fresh vegetables and herbs and many toppings to choose from. In the evening; sounds by DJ Scroppino.

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🌽 Di Verso | Indonesian Meal 🌽

[growling stomachs] Celebrating the last Di Verso dinner, at least for a while… A diverse and delicious Indian meal with a vegetarian option!

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👄 Bartalk #15 | Face | Marsha Wichers, Yun Ingrid Lee, Maybelline, Jeisson Drenth 👄

[serving FACE] Bartalk is a multidisciplinary lecture-performance-storytelling series taking place in different bars in The Hague. 
Bartalk #15 explores various angles of the human face and the ways we read it, record it, analyse it, limit it, sculpt it, augment it, mimic it, hide it.

⇨ Featuring: Marsha Wichers (botox, face design, facial expression) | Yun Ingrid Lee (facial recognition, masking, camouflage) | Maybelline (make-up, drag) | Jeisson Drenth (DNA, mask, projection)