Open Call – Filling the Void

Do you want to fill the void at The Grey Space? Are you an art academy student, a recent graduate, or an emerging artist or designer or an autodidact creative based in or around The Hague and looking for a space to present? Does your artistic practice actively seek out other fields of knowledge and disciplines? Does your work evolve around questions on entanglement and relationism? 

If so, The Grey Space in the Middle has the perfect opportunity for you: Filling the Void. Filling the Void is an exhibition series of one-day presentations for emerging makers from all disciplines. Each month, selected makers will take over a part of The Grey Space for one day, to make themselves and their work visible to a broader audience.

Filling the Void

With Filling the Void, The Grey Space wants to help stimulate The Hague’s environment for young creatives and emerging artists by offering a platform for short presentations. Within these 1-day presentations, makers will take over a part of The Grey Space and can showcase their latest creations and make themselves and their work visible to a broader audience. In return,  we are proud that The Grey Space and the experience of our visitors is amplified by your artistic output. This open-call is open to all formats and artistic fields as long as they can be set up and built down on the same day. 

The concept is simple: We provide the space; you bring your work. The selected works will be presented in a dynamic space that functions as a cafe and hosts various events, with frequent visitors in an – at times – noisy environment. The Grey Space will provide curatorial assistance, a flat fee of €222, professional documentation and some technical support can be arranged.

Filling the Void

We are equipped with light, projectors, and a sound system to facilitate your work. In addition, we will provide a short technical and curatorial assistance during your presentation before and during the day. If you want to fill the void at The Grey Space, you just need to provide a short description of yourself and the work you would like to present.


As a space for fundamental creativity we intend for radical relations to emerge between people, art, digital culture, science, technology, philosophy and food. We take on a relational perspective and are looking for emerging talent with an artistic practice that actively seeks out other fields of knowledge and disciplines. We will focus on selecting work(s) that contribute to a greater understanding and insight into how we relate to our human and more-than-human surroundings. If you think your work can contribute to this or offers an interesting insight into this conversation, we encourage you to apply for one of the upcoming editions.


Filling the Void is open for contributions twice a year on an open-call basis and is open to all formats and artistic fields, under the permission that build-up and break-down can take place within 24 hours and that the work is existing by the time of application. After the deadline closes, guest curator Yannik Güldner and the artistic team of The Grey Space will select 4–6 proposals for the upcoming season until the summer 2023. Presentation dates vary and will be communicated after submission. 

If you want to Fill the Void at The Grey Space, you need to provide:

  • A biography
  • Title and description of the work
  • Productional details of the work containing dimensions and technical details

The Open Call is currently closed. Later this year it will open again. Keep an eye on our socials to stay updated.