Filling the Void: Sabina Scorțanu

Thu 29 September
Free Entry

Presented by The Grey Space

After a summer break we return with our open-call-based program Filling the Void. This fifth edition features the latest work of Arnhem-based graphic designer and artist Sabina Scorțanu.

Intrigued by natural phenomena in close and distant environments, Scorțanu’s installation will fill The Grey Space with a sonic experience that is giving the ionosphere a voice.

Disembodied Voices from Beyond the Horizon

The ionosphere is the natural electromagnetic field, existing at the intersection of Earth and space, which is reflecting radio communication and hosts satellites. Through her installation Disembodied Voices from Beyond the Horizon” Scorțanu investigates the role of the ionosphere as a storyteller by creating a hyperlocal radio station.

The installation, consisting of three radio satellites, is re-broadcasting disembodied voices collected from local radio stations, international broadcasts, and from outer space, signals which bounced off the ionosphere or passed through it. Through this, Scorțanu brings together the local, global, and spatial voices, in an attempt to recreate the constant fight for communication dominance between radio waves within the spectrum. 

Sabina Scorțanu

Sabina Scorțanu is an emerging graphic designer and artist from Moldova, based in the Netherlands. Her work emerges from an interest in natural phenomena happening in her close and distant environments. These phenomena are tangled in a storytelling act, where existent narratives blend into visionary modes of existence, and the future is always an open question rather than an answer. These visions are orchestrated through world-building processes combined with sonic experiences. 

Filling the Void

Filling the Void is developed by The Grey Space to help stimulate The Hague’s environment for young creatives and emerging artists by offering a platform for short presentations and is curated by Yannik Güldner.

Do you want to fill the void on an empty evening at The Grey Space? Are you still in the art academy, a recent graduate, an emerging artist or designer and looking for a space to present? Or have a series that always wanted to see the light of day? Do you want to get feedback on your latest creation and start a conversation with an audience? Submit your work!