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The Grey Space in the Middle is a space for fundamental creativity. It is an open laboratory and presentation space for the 21st century, where art and digital culture merge with science, technology, and philosophy in an anti-disciplinary state. The projects gradually become publicly visible and lead to unexpected ideas.

The Grey Space is located in The Hague’s city centre (Paviljoensgracht 20). At this time you can already visit The Grey Space as it hosts a variety of events of an adventurous nature. The core programme and official opening of the project space on the ground floor, the basement venue, cafe, garden and outdoor terrace will soon be announced.

Event Space

Organising an event and looking for a unique and inspiring venue in the city center of The Hague? We offer a variety of spaces and our experienced team can help run your event smoothly. We are able to accommodate and arrange everything to suit different needs for events ranging from lectures, meetings and workshops to extensive conferences, music programs, festivals and exhibitions. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities and receive more information.


The Grey Space in the Middle was founded by Dimitri Nieuwenhuizen (1971 – 2017) and Marijke Cobbenhagen. Currently the team consists of: Tim Terpstra (general director), Marijke Cobbenhagen (co-founder, artistic director), Ramses Nieuwenhuizen (director of operations), Vincent Sauter (operations manager), Luca Van Grinsven (producer), Heleen Mineur (online communication), Raymond Frenken (fundraising), Lotte Ottevanger and Niels van Haaften (web development).


The Grey Space is generously supported by: