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Stichting The Grey Space in the Middle
Paviljoensgracht 20
2512 BP, The Hague, The Netherlands
RSIN: 857296966
CoC (KvK): 68089767


The Grey Space endorses the Code Diversity & Inclusion, an “instrument of self-regulation that serves to ensure that the Dutch cultural and creative sector represents the broad diversity of Dutch society. A basic requirement is that the sector is equally accessible to everyone: from creators and producers to workers and audience members. The sector will only be owned by everyone when everyone can contribute in their own way, when everyone is valued, respected, and heard, and when everyone feels at home in the sector.”

The Grey Space endorses the Fair Practice Code. The Grey Space has its own salary house for permanent and freelance employees and ais to follow the guidelines of the Fair Practice Code and De Zaak Nu. The Grey Space strives to pay all presented artists and makers (equally if possible) and we ask our collaborators for the guest program to also follow this principle. The Grey Space strives to offer ideal working conditions for makers, in which The Grey Space is a project facilitator, co-producer and artistic collaborator. We support artists’ development to the best of our abilities and means available. Where applicable we follow the guideline for artists’ fees by BKNL.

The Grey Space endorses the Cultural Governance Code. The supervisory board of The Grey Space does not receive any compensation.

Privacy Policy

The Grey Space processes personal data to provide its services. The privacy policy describes how we gather, process and use this information. The privacy policy will soon be published here.

General Conditions

Here you can find the general conditions which apply when you use the space as a third party.

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