Rental – The Grey Space is an unpolished 1100m2 hybrid event space in The Hague’s city centre, and we would love to hear your ideas.

Organising an event and looking for a unique, unpolished and inspiring venue in the city center of The Hague? We offer a variety of spaces and our experienced team can help run your event smoothly and professionally (and Covid-19 proof). We are able to accommodate and arrange everything to suit different needs. This includes meetings, product launches, conferences, music programs, club nights, festivals, fairs and exhibitions. In addition your guests will be able to take a seat in our atmospheric cafe or sunny outdoor terrace.

The Grey Space prefers to work with a diverse selection of makers and organizations that pursue similar objectives or that contribute to society in different ways. As not everyone has access to sufficient financial resources, we are utilising a part of our commercial rental income toward giving organizations with less financial means the opportunity to hire a space with us. In addition we work with non-profit and student discount rates.

Please contact us regarding the available spaces and capacities, services and tariffs. If you need any leads regarding funding opportunities to organise an event, feel free to reach out as we might be able to point you in the right direction.

Previously we’ve hosted and partnered with AMOLF (NWO), Bartalk, BNO, Border Sessions, CaDance, Central Innovation District, The Crave, Crossing Border, The City of The Hague, Dag in de Branding, Delft University of Technology, Dutch Creative Residency Network, Firma Mes, Future Intel, Grauzone, The Hague Contemporary, Hague Hacks, The Hmm, Hubs Immersive, HUMAN, I Love Hiphop, iii, International Queer & Migrant Film Festival, Laser Club, Leiden University, Modern Body, Movies that Matter, Museumnacht, Orisun (Homegrown), Paard, PIP, Popradar, Radio Tonka, Rewire, The Royal Academy of Art (KABK), Royal Conservatoire, Sniester, Stroom Den Haag, TodaysArt, De Veenfabriek, We are Europe, We Are Public, WYSIWYG and many others.