Filling the Void: Letizia Artioli

Fri 19 May
Free Entry

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Presented by The Grey Space

For this latest edition of Filling the Void, artist and researcher Letizia Artioli, who works at the intersection of architecture and contemporary hybrid languages, invites you to enter her latest work: “TOO LOOSE LE TRACK”. 

Letizia’s immersive installation investigates the relationship between human beings and environmental data as a matter for research and creation by entangling climate data and its inhabitants. Through articulated data visualisation, she weaves together the individual with the global, allowing us to understand how we are all intrinsically entangled on a molecular scale with the surrounding matter(s).


Inspired by the current drought in the Po valley in Italy, where it has not rained for over 150 days, TOO LOOSE LE TRACK uses data visualisation to create an interactive human movement mellotron that entangles the sound of moving bodies inside a responsive projection. Based on CO2 satellite data, these projections will interact as a particle system of light, revealing how our bodies, breaths and liquids are entangled with apparently far-from-home data. The installation breathes the H2O  particles on which our bodies rely on to survive. Aiming to reveal the co-dependency of our dreams to the external/extreme droughts happening right now, in this tension between scales, aerial and liquid, molecules and rivers, data and bodies, inhabitants of the space become protagonists of the installation, shaping the space by being composers and being composed. Together they create a third, new landscape, drawn from the movement of bodies in space, from echoes of lost ecosystems, and our continuous exchange of particles with the world.

TOO LOOSE LE TRACK aims to express the changeling phenomena of feeling entangled to its beauty, where echoes of lost landscapes express the timing of nature as fluctuating present ghosts. It exchanges our inner floods with external droughts, and we escape our inner droughts to swallow into external floods. Like painter Toulouse Lautrec, we can just sit and stare at the dance of lost particles as we are spectators of present ruins/future ghosts and composers of present ghosts/future ruins.

Letizia Artioli

Letizia Artioli lives and works in between Venice and Den Haag, but always below sea level. She is currently an Architecture PhD candidate at IUAV University in Venice as well as part of the MArtScience at KABK in Den Haag. Her projects focus on dichotomies between immaterial matter, data spatialisation and climate change emergency. Hoping to transform contemporary emptiness in public spaces in order to create awareness for the incoming post-disruptive climate-changed digital future through beauty. Currently, she is investigating the relationship between human beings and environmental data as a matter for research and creation, entangling climate data and its inhabitants into immersive installations.

Previous exhibitions include:ARS ELECTRONICA22;MilanDesignWeekD.O.S. 2022, #MakesUsVisibleNYC 2022, Laguna Festival22, ArsElectronicaGardenNYC 2021,MMMAD Madrid, LABA Valencia .Founder of the Venice Climate Change Pavilion project (EU4Ocean Award 22).

Practical information

The exhibition opens at 17.00

Free entry. 

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