Filling the Void: VidAmir + Zeynep Yılmaz + Maja Simisic

Wed 1 June

This second edition of our open-call-based program Filling the Void combines the work of three artists, resulting in an evening about home, diaspora, finding place and that maybe revolves around the question ‘Where and what is home?’.

  • 16:00 ‘A Play For Public’ by VidAmir [video-installation]
  • 19:30 ‘Gut Seaming or Gut Semen’ by Zeynep Yılmaz [performance]
  • 20:30 ‘Ideš za Kanadu’ by Maja Simisic [performance]
‘A Play For Public’ by VidAmir
A Play For Public is a 25 min video-installation. The work ponders upon struggles in the neoliberal city. The music is composed by Raphael Vanoli and the sound design is by Joris van Grunsven.
Vida Kasaei and Amir Komelizadeh have a collaborative artistic practice under the name VidAmir, that moves from Iran outward to places such as the Netherlands. With social identity being the overarching theme in their work, they question this by playing a layered game with ‘real’ people and ‘fictional’ characters.
‘Gut Seaming or Gut Semen’ by Zeynep Yılmaz
Gut Seaming or Gut Semen is an ongoing series of spoken word texts that present a puke-y act of expressing the un-sterile gut feeling about an array of feelings, politics and personal experiences of pain and power.
Zeynep Yılmaz graduated from Arts, Media and Society with a side of Gender and Sexuality. Unsatisfied with the sterile academia she willfully adopted writing as her primary tool and with her work makes connections between cultural theories and artistic practices by means of contemplating new ways of framing.
‘Ideš za Kanadu’ by Maja Simisic
‘Ideš za Kanadu’ (‘Going to Canada’) is a performance triptych. At The Grey Space Simisic performs the 3rd part of the work called ‘Alone in the white world’. Touching upon themes as borders, visas, diaspora and the concept of freedom, ‘Alone in the white world’ is based upon the idea that when you die you go to heaven and heaven for gastarbeiters –heaven for Balkan people– is Canada.

Maja Simisic is an artist and as she describes herself, she is also a dog lover, provocative performer, post-postmodernist, turbofolk bombshell, devoted housewife, prophetic storyteller and a meticulous maker of uncanny worlds. She works on the intersection of research and making.

Filling the Void

Filling the Void is developed by The Grey Space to help stimulate The Hague’s environment for young creatives and emerging artists by offering a platform for short presentations and curated by Yannik Güldner.

Do you want to fill the void on an empty evening at The Grey Space? Are you still in the art academy, recent graduate, emerging artist or designer and looking for a space to present? Or have a series that always wanted to see the light of day? Do you want to get feedback on your latest creation and start a conversation with an audience?