Filling the Void: Ella Wang Olsson

Thu 10 November
Free Entry

Presented by The Grey Space

The next edition of Filling the Void features the work of multidisciplinary artist Ella Wang Olsson (she/they). Come and explore Ella’s surreal escapism from the real to a parallel end of the world.
Within the frame of ‘Filling The Void’, Ella invites you into her glitched reality of streaming platforms and internet indulgence while pondering the end of our very own existence. The one day show under the titel ‘A Vlog to the Loo and Back’ features Ella’s graduation work ‘A Mukbang Love Story’ alongside a selection of older works. Ella brings these works that existed mostly online into the public physical space.
A Vlog to the Loo and Back

A Vlog to the Loo and Back dives into topics of the internet, capitalist hypnotism, over-consumption, and the attempts to find peace and hope amidst the pending doom of our suffering world. The works in this show introduce you to the internet phenomenon known as ‘Mukbang’, a trend where people post videos of themselves eating online. At the same time, the collection reflects on the inescapability of ‘trends’ in our ever-connected reality. Through staging and reproduction, Ella creates an immersive experience, hoping to share her thoughts and simultaneously attempting to find hope and escape in her paintings.

Ella Wang Olsson

Ella Wang Olsson (she/they) is a half-Chinese, half-Swedish, multidisciplinary artist currently based in the Hague. Her works combine the digital with the analog, merging hand-made images like drawings and paintings with video projections and sound, creating an immersive space for viewers to roam around in. Ella also likes performing live, and improvising as an MC.

Her current practice surrounds the observation of our increasing relationship with the internet, using references to social media’s visual language and sounds to comment on how this reflects on our digitally traumatized generation. The internet is telling of our priorities, identity, and concerns in the 21st century, but can it answer the questions of our existence? Can it teach us a new pathway from suffering to utopia? Or have we lost track completely, fallen into the dystopia of a matrix-induced coma?

Ella graduated from the KABK in 2022 and is now living as a freelance artist between the Hague and Rotterdam.

Filling the Void

Filling the Void is developed by The Grey Space to help stimulate The Hague’s environment for young creatives and emerging artists by offering a platform for short presentations and is curated by Yannik Güldner.

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