An accessible and eclectic club experience where you can hang out, listen and dance.

Scenius is a weekly club concept based on community building curated by a variety of music initiatives, on Fridays between 22.00-02.00. It is inspired by the term scenius with which Brian Eno describes the creative intelligence of a community. A myriad of music initiatives with an interest in community building are offered a three-month residency, inviting them to expand their scene.

Season 2

For the second season of Scenius, a multiplicity of music initiatives took part, including: Discoteca Amore, Club Hits Different, Pay-Bazi and Traumgarten.

Season 1

In 2023, Scenius featured the participation of four music initiatives, each contributing three instalments. They included: 3345, LOCH NESS, MONO MOB1LE, and corecore.