Scenius: LOCH NESS

Fri 14 July

Presented by The Grey Space, in collaboration with LOCH NESS

Exploratory platform LOCH NESS invites Amsterdam based community builder Evander de Koning who’s crisp and rousing roster under the Mokument tag puts forward Fellow, Emil Srush and Foruwaa.

Ghanaian Oroko Radio resident Foruwaa brings forth extensive percussion driven dance music that encompasses the rich and integral West African polyrhythmic form which brings people together in irresistible motion. Emil Srush swaths out vigorous deconstructed beats laced with fusion Kuduro, a fiery loop and sample driven sound that spawned from Angola’s prolonged and violent civil war, a result of longstanding Portuguese and Dutch colonialism. Aruban born, Amsterdam based Fellow conjures up the vibrant musical heritage of the Caribbean dropping high-octane Calypso and giddy Soca pulses that originated in Trinidad and Tobago, bass-heavy bubbling and dancehall, sprinkled with some East Indian rhythm for good measure. Drip.

LOCH NESS is an Amsterdam based music platform, instigated by eclectic DJ Margie, Mijke Hurkx.

Practical information

The Grey Space opens at 16.30
Scenius starts at 22.00

Regular online: €6,00
Student online: €4,50
Door: €7,50


The weekly club concept is inspired by the term scenius with which Brian Eno describes the creative intelligence of a community. A myriad of music initiatives with an interest in community building are offered a three-month residency, inviting them to expand their scene. Scenius aims to be an accessible and eclectic club experience where you can hang out, listen and dance.