Scenius: 3345

Fri 5 May

Presented by The Grey Space, in collaboration with 3345

The Grey Space is proud to introduce Scenius, a weekly club concept based on community building curated by a variety of music initiatives, on Fridays between 22.00-02.00. Expect an accessible and eclectic experience where you can hang out, listen and dance.

For this very first edition local stronghold 3345 invites Sarkawt Hamad and Nessim. Sarkawt’s sets ebb and flow effortlessly between genres – from breaks, to leftfield techno and house, all connected through a contagious energy. Nessim has cultivated a sound that leans towards experimental electronics, breaks, and ambient.

Practical information

The Grey Space opens at 17.00
Scenius starts at 22.00

Regular online: €8,00
Student online: €6,00
Door: €9,50


The weekly club concept is inspired by the term scenius with which Brian Eno describes the creative intelligence of a community. A myriad of music initiatives with an interest in community building are offered a three-month residency, inviting them to expand their scene. Scenius aims to be an accessible and eclectic club experience where you can hang out, listen and dance.

Upcoming editions