Scenius: corecore

Fri 28 July

Presented by The Grey Space, in collaboration with corecore

corecore’s third and last installment of their Scenius residency in The Grey Space’s basement comprises the clicky beats and blippy leads of Seedlink⁺ affiliate ity’s live experimentation, followed by the bubbly, contagious blends of DJ, producer, Echobox radio host and co-founder of the Los Angles Collective, YoungWoman.

corecore pays special attention to the relationship between identity, community, and embodied affect in the realm of the so-called “virtual”. The bleeding edge between “cyberspace” and “real life” is interrogated through conversations, reading groups, and listening sessions via their Discord server. The de-virtualisation from their individuated network nodes follows during their quarterly club nights at OT301 (Amsterdam), and a bi-monthly radio show on Stranded FM (Utrecht). corecore is run by Callum Dean, Tjobo Kho and Jan-Pieter ‘t Hart.

Practical information

The Grey Space opens at 16.30
Scenius starts at 22.00

Regular online: €6,50
Student online: €4,50
Door: €7,50


The weekly club concept is inspired by the term scenius with which Brian Eno describes the creative intelligence of a community. A myriad of music initiatives with an interest in community building are offered a three-month residency, inviting them to expand their scene. Scenius aims to be an accessible and eclectic club experience where you can hang out, listen and dance.