Sniester Festival

Fri 26 May
→ Sat 27 May

Hosted by Sniester

With its lineup comprising of about 90 national and international acts, Sniester is a staple of the Dutch festival calendar. Get ready for two days bursting with high-energy performances, and something beautiful happening everywhere you walk in.

Sniester started in 2013 as the dream project of a couple of programmers from The Hague, tired of seeing same list of expensive, but not necessarily good names on every festival poster. They wanted to create an event that celebrates good alternative acts.

The festival takes place in the Popdistrict of The Hague, where around 90 national and international acts perform in various clubs and cafes, drawing thousands of visitors. Despite featuring bigger names in the lineup over the years, Sniester still values a band’s live reputation over their social media following or other popularity metrics.


Friday – Basement

  • 18.30 Voertuig
  • 20.15 Thor Kissing
  • 21.45 Borokov Borokov
  • 23.30 J.C. Thomaz & The Missing Slippers
  • 01.00 Klakmatrak

Friday – Ground floor

  • 21.45 Magic Tom & Yuri

Saturday – Basement

  • 19.30 Toprot
  • 21.00 Headskinner
  • 22.30 The St. Pierre Snake Invasion
  • 00.00 Tuskar

For the full program, visit the Sniester website.

Practical information

The Grey Space is open from 16.30 both days.

Tickets are sold via Sniester’s own website. There is an array of tickets available, from day passes to a two-day ‘passe-partout’, ranging in price from €27,50 to €43,00.

A festival pass is required for the program in our basement. Our cafe and outdoor terrace are open and can be visited without a pass.