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🌫 Ademruimte | Calm spaces 🌫

[in, and slowly out] A place to breathe in rest, contemplation and silence. Calm spaces initiated a new project called Ademruimte (breathing space) developed in collaboration with artists, designers, health professionals, urbanists and architects. The aim is to design a prototype of a public space for rest, contemplation and silence; something that is missing in modern urban environments. Book a session to experience this environment, in which sensor technology, light and sound design allows you to interact with the space through breathing.

A project by Calm spaces in collaboration with: Tena Lazarevic (architect) | Yota Morimoto (sound designer) | Beer van Geer (concept, light and interaction design)| Jacqueline de Klerk (Breathing Therapist) | Bin Yu (Science and Technology Support) | Niki Smit & Simon van der Linden – Monobanda (Concept Development) | Inès Péborde – Healing Places (Urbanist) | Danielle Roberts – Awareness Lab

The project is supported by The Creative Industries Fund NL and was developed in collaboration with The Grey Space.

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Yuri Landman, Flowers/Ghosts&Echoes, Arvind Ganga, Or Sobre Blau🔸🎸

[hybrid strings] A concert of electric guitar music drawing influence from the fringes of ambient music, indie and guitar noise. Yuri Landman is an inventor of musical instruments, performer and creator of motorised sound installations. Flowers/Ghosts&Echoes is an audiovisual project that consists of improvising electric guitar duo Gonçalo Oliveira and James Alexandropoulos-McEwan and the performative live visuals of Felix Bodin. Arvind Ganga takes a physical approach to guitar playing, employing objects and extended techniques to explore new sonic possibilities. Or Sobre Blau is a duo consisting of Andreu G. Serra (Ubaldo, Odd Labu, Andreu G. Ubaldo) and Kiran Leonard.

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👀 DisOrders – Through the Looking Glass | Ensemble Modelo62, Petra Strahovnik 👀

[embodying health] For four days in a row, in five different art spaces in The Hague, Ensemble Modelo62 and composer Petra Strahovnik will simultaneously present ‘Through the Looking Glass’. Five pieces for performers that combine music, sound, performance art, video and electronics to raise questions on an ever-present matter in our society: mental condition.

Program at The Grey Space:
– June 6, 7, 8 | 19:30 – 22:30 | Ongoing performance: Lost in Time | Jan Willem Troost (Ensemble Modelo62)
– June 9 | 13:00 – 14:00 | Public talk: with composer Petra Strahovnik (composer) and C. Bouwkamp (psychologist)
– June 9 | 14:00 – 17:00 | Ongoing performance: Lost in Time | Jan Willem Troost (Ensemble Modelo62)

Program at other art spaces:
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⚡️ Kanterion Sound | Carrageenan, Uj Bala, Tony Guarino, dogheadsurigeri ⚡️

Warmer times are coming and Kanterion Sound invites you to refresh in the basement of the The Grey Space. Carrageenan and Uj Bala are traveling with their live performances and they decided to stop by and share their music with us. To warmly welcome them, they also invited Tony Guarino and dogheadsurigeri to join the basement vibes. Kantarion Sound will be in charge that all machine sounds, distortion, noise and raw beats spread out in space with maximum impact. The floor will move.

22:30 – 23:30 Tony Guarino (Live)
23:30 – 00:30 Carrageenan (Live)
00:30 – 01:30 Uj Bala (Live)
01:30 – 02:30 dogheadsurigeri (DJ set)

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🔌💞 Border Sessions Festival | Lab: Contingent Cycle Courier | Yoshinari Nishiki, Lóránt Tavasszy, Xiao Lin

[collecting energy] At Border Sessions you can explore an extensive programme with labs, summits and more.

The ‘Contingent Cycle Courier’ Lab is an experiment by The Grey Space-resident Yoshinari Nishiki in collaboration with with Prof. Lori Tavasszy and Xiao Lin from the TU Delft. The Lab  is an attempt to move multiple parcels around the city by only harnessing accidental carrying power of people on bicycles. Every participant of the Lab becomes a Contingent Cycle Courier. Intrigued? Grab your bike and meet us at the The Grey Space. You will learn about the Physical Internet and the basics of logistics, as well as earn a pass for the entire Border Sessions festival.

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Vrijhaven | Paddy Steer, Bear Bones Lay Low, Manuel Padding 🗺💥

[sounds from beyond] Vrijhaven is back!
Presenting Paddy Steer (UK) + Bear Bones, Lay Low (VE/BE) + Manuel Padding (D-H)
Dj’s around the live action : Kenny Harder, Jack Tulp and Krank Pappa

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🍀 HyperGarden | Open Garden Weekend | Struinen in Haagse Tuinen🍀

[growing] The HyperGarden at The Grey Space is part of this year’s Struinen in Haagse Tuinen (Open Gardens) weekend on the 22 & 23 June. Together with a number of other local initiatives we will present a collection of ecologically sustainable projects, business and products including artworks that celebrate the power of Mutualistic Symbiosis.

Once every two years, garden owners in The Hague open their (garden) doors. You can then visit gardens that are normally closed to the public. Booklets, which also serve as admission tickets, are available at various sales points and give an overview of all the gardens and their locations on a handy map

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🍄 I Love Hiphop Festival 2019

[boooooming] Yes yes ya’ll! I Love Hiphop Festival 2019 is in the making. The festival contains dance battles, street-art, live shows, movie nights, parties and more and will happen in different venues in The Hague. The opening, including acts, will happen at The Grey Space! Full programma on the website

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Symposium: When you see me again, it won’t be me | Act 1 💭

[bodies are activated] The Grey Space is proud to introduce itself for the first time after a large-scale renovation with the first act of its ‘symposium of doubt’, in which the aim is to not only share, but to also facilitate (social) revelation by stimulating the most powerful characteristic of mankind: imagination.

You are cordially invited to this first act which explores movements as an extensive area of human experience. Philosopher Charles S. Peirce said that doubt instigates a desire to know or learn something. When the doubt is stronger than that what you believe is true, curiosity is triggered. You start to consciously use the desire to know more to redefine that what you thought was true. To end with an adjusted perception. It might change the way we look at ourselves; When you see me again, it won’t be me.

The performative event will embrace artistic installations, a conversation, a food experience and a music program. Participants:
• Lyndsey Housden (artist | tutor Interactive/Media/Design and researcher at the Design Lectorate, KABK | artist-in-residence at The Grey Space) in collaboration with Ryan Teague and Emily Besa
• David Abbink (Professor in Haptic Human-Robot Interaction at the Department of Cognitive Robotics and head of the Delft Haptics Lab, Delft University of Technology)
• Ria Higler (movement researcher, teacher and mentor at School for New Dance Development, AHK)
• Marijn de Langen (performing arts theorist and historian within diverse Dutch art educational institutions)

The project is supported by The Creative Industries Fund NL and the City of The Hague.


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Blind Tape Quartets | Recording Sessions | Blind Tapes, Lukatoyboy

Blind Tape Quartets is a participative and chance dedicated limited tape release project. Record your 10 minutes and be a part of a surprising quartet!

A suggested guide to Blind Tape Quartets recordings:
– A 4-track tape recorder will be ready for you and 10 minutes of your performance.
– There will be a microphone and a line input option.
– Bring your own instrument (if you don’t have one, bring whatever you can).
– You will be unaware of the people who played before, or will be playing after you.
– Imagine that you are playing in a quartet, but you can’t hear others while recording your part. Think about your dynamics as a part of a quartet.
– Silence can be a special friend this time. Not everyone should be playing/talking/singing all the time (but the risk is up to you)
– If you are an electronic musician, try limit your output to a certain instrument, not the final mix (maybe you will not be the only one electronic musician in a quartet).
– If you are a writer, a singer, or a voice artist – prepare the text which can fit in 10 minutes.

Fascinating project… a 4-track variation on the Surrealist ‘exquisite corpse’” – The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music

Contact Blind Tapes to reserve a spot or drop by!

on Sunday July 7 there will be a live duo performance by Germaine Sijstermans and Lukatoyboy in the evening between 19:00h and 21:00h.

On the final day, Tuesday July 9 at 21:00h, all the recorded cassettes will be presented and offered as a very limited edition.

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Germaine Sijstermans & Lukatoyboy

In the framework of the Blind Tape Quartets event at The Grey Space, Lukatoyboy (electronics, radios, voice, feedback)  has invited Germaine Sijstermans (clarinet, voice) to join him for a live duo performance.

Germaine Sijstermans is a clarinettist and composer. In her work influences of nature, indeterminate/silent music and butoh dance can be found. The spatial aspects in her compositions are an essential element in her work, both in the music itself as well as in the use of the performance space.

Lukatoyboy is a musician, sound artist and educator. His current practice is based on performances dealing with networks, sound and narrative, using walkie talkies and site specific topics. Focused on the relation of chances and structures, he creates participatory works with suggested rules, questioning exclusivity and the authority of an artist.

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🐍 Cultfarm | A.V, Latoya, Sam Eer, Cultfarm DJ’s: David Thomas, Luke Cohlen, Tala Drum Corps 🐍

[𝘵𝘩𝘳𝘰𝘸𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘳𝘰𝘶𝘨𝘩 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘩𝘰𝘰𝘱 𝘨𝘪𝘷𝘦𝘴 𝘵𝘪𝘮𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘥𝘦𝘧𝘪𝘯𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳𝘴𝘦𝘭𝘧] Cultfarm touches down in The Hague for a night of good vibes with musical friends.

A.V | Latoya | Sam Eer (3345) | Cultfarm DJ’s (David Thomas, Luke Cohlen, Tala Drum Corps)

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🌫 Ademruimte | Calm spaces 🌫

[in, and slowly out] A place to breathe in rest, contemplation and silence. Calm spaces initiated a new project called Ademruimte (breathing space) developed in collaboration with artists, designers, health professionals, urbanists and architects. The aim is to design a prototype of a public space for rest, contemplation and silence; something that is missing in modern urban environments. Book a session to experience this environment, in which sensor technology, light and sound design allows you to interact with the space through breathing.

The project is supported by The Creative Industries Fund NL and was developed in collaboration with The Grey Space.

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🍅🍅The Mighty Breaks ‘Master Club’ Release Party 🍅🍅

[a carefully crafted night] We are releasing our debut album ‘Master Club’ on Mink Records! We’ve put together an eclectic night of live music and DJs.
The Mighty Breaks, known for their eclectic catalogue of songs and ‘wall of sound’ live shows, The Mighty Breaks’ weapons of choice are unruly guitars, carefully crafted melodies, and the, for a garage band, unusual addition of saxophone. After releasing their self-titled debut EP on UK/NL based label Mink Records in 2017, they subsequently toured the Netherlands and Italy, and focused on writing and developing their music.

Steve French | Bull (U.K) | Tousch

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Ethereal Music x Fata-Morgana x Clubhopping 🌞🐛

[adventurous] With Ethereal Music and stichting Fata-Morgana we want to explore different continents and universes in a mini-festival during Clubhopping The Hague 2019. Through Music, art and food we want to welcome you on a journey that will stimulate all senses.

Art program / mixed media exhibition (Ground floor) hosted by Fata-Morgana:
Aliaksandra Pirazhenka (Interior architecture, KABK) | Irene van Aarle (Fine arts, KABK) | Jean Baptist Castel (Non Linear Narrative, KABK) | Nina Markus (Illustrator, WDKA) | Stefano Zucchini (Art Science, KABK) | Yaroslav (Fine Arts, WDKA) More TBA

Music program (Basement) hosted by Ethereal Music: Alexis Le-Tan (Bahnsteig 23 / Idle Press) [FR] | Loma Doom (TNPM) b2b The social lover (BAKK/ Rubber) | E.S.S (Ethereal Music) | Derozan Cen Giz (Music for Nightshops) b2b Lin Tonic (MONO / LOKA) | Grosheid (Reefer Madness)

Food: De Vegetarische Toko | Black Mamba’s BBQ
Pop-up record shop by: Espresso Records
Music: Doktoro 
Lights and visual effects:Numtek

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Locating ArtScience #2 🌳Children of the Space (A Forest)

[Entering a forest] ‘Six ArtScience Interfaculty alumni react to the grey space in the middle of the forest to create one immersive environment. A space to rest and recharge. A space to nourish the soul. A space to let the mind wander.’ This exhibition caters to the morning spacers of TodaysArt 2019 Festival.
Start your festival with group meditations, sound healings, special coffee daily (!) at 11:00 – 12:00

Works by Sophia Bulgakova, Zoë d’Hont, Stefano Zucchini, Jesus Canuto Iglesias, Stefano Murgia, Mike Rijnierse and curated by Anastasia Loginova

Opening: 17:00 – 22:00 on 18.09.19
Open Daily: 11:00 – 23:00 on 19 – 22.09.19

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💲Opening of Basic Income Café!

[flowing funky coffee] Basic Income Café (a project by Martina Huynh in collaboration with Manon van Hoeckel) wants to find out how the definition of work and income is changing in The Netherlands today. What kind of work do we value and why? Does the salary really reflect how much we appreciate someone’s work?

Martina Huynh will talk about Basic Income Café and the research behind the project – How is the topic of basic income being discussed at the moment?

Manon van Hoeckel will share her findings of working with homeless youngsters in The Hague. What does it mean to be financially vulnerable today and how can design contribute to ease conversation between diverse groups of people?

Basic Income Café is open every Wednesday, Thursday + Friday from the 19th of September till the 19th of December

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V00d00 GOLD x Submarine 💣⚡️Rendez-Vous (FR) + Lifeless Past

[surfy but rocky, dark but wavy] Underground collective Submarine Den Haag and Dj duo V00d00 Gold dive into the basement of The Grey Space for a night of nasty indie bands!

RENDEZ-VOUS | Lifeless Past | V00d00 GOLD

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Exhibition – What’s a Body if not a Shell 🐚🖐🏻🖖🏻

[physically fusing] For this occasion four artists; Cristiana Vignatelli Bruni, Paulien Bekker, Greta Desirèe Facchinato & Raquel Sánchez Gálvez will enter in dialogue by sharing projects intertwined by the theme of bodily’s representations and its sensory extensions. A physical fusion, exploring the perception of corporeal boundaries and the consequent manipulation of the body-flesh occurring within our contemporary society.
3rd of October: Opening 18:00-21:00 + performance ‘In-Corpore’ at 19:30
4th of October: 14:00 – 21:00
5th of October: Museumnacht Den Haag 12:00 – 13:00. Performance ‘In-Corpore’ at 21:00

In occasion of the opening night and of Museumnacht Den Haag 2019 there will be a collective performance.
At the same time the exhibition space will host the event Creative Hubs Exchange.

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Museumnacht Den Haag 💎 Front Row presents Donna Verheijden

[taken on a trip] Gems, fancy parties and hot people, we are being overwhelmed with sublime images. What are we actually sharing with our apps, texts, likes and shares? We Are Public’s Front Row takes you on a colourful trip with a video trilogy by (video)artist Donna Verheijden. Whether it’s John Berger or Jean-Luc Godard, Alice in Wonderland or Katy Perry, in Donna’s work everything is shiny, dazzling and attractive. Life as a music video or commercial, is that you really want? Are you being seduced or misled?

The exhibition ‘What’s a Body if not a Shell’ happens during Museumnacht Den Haag.

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