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Releasing Off Center 005

Phrases and vocal snippets repeat their way through ‘used to be‘ like familiar mantras. Aaliyah, SWV and Whitney Houston sing their melancholic love songs over and over again on ghostly remains of once shiny and lush instrumentals. Blurred memories of late night phone calls, intimate moments, glances and conversations, are scattered over the pieces on Val Clipp’s second album on Off Center. 27 minutes of material on cassette and digital, first sold at the event.

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Cultfarm | DJ Python, Fatima Ferrari, James King

[boom] Utrecht based initiative Cultfarm returns to The Hague with a very special guest from across the pond: DJ Python
Expect deep sounds more meditative than your average club night. Joining in are Fatima Ferrari and James King.

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Bontebal in een kissie

Launch of “het kissie van Bontebal”,  a collector’s item commemorating Adriaan Bontebal (1952 — 2011), the pseudonym of Aad van Rijn, one of The Hague’s most unique poets. Special event with videos, soundbites and local poets reciting from and about Bontebal’s work.

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Radio Tonka 25 Years 📻

[tuning] Alternative radio station Radio Tonka are celebrating 25 years of independent music and radio love in The Hague. With a wide array of musicians and artists a 9 day program kicks off on 17 October and is closed with an afterparty in our basement.
Line-up for the afterparty on 25 October:
Git Got (live) | The Bad Skins (live) | Zoe Reddy (live) | OZMA (live) | Wetboys (live) | Sylvia | Hellboii (live) | Nina de Raadt | Joop Ankerman | De Kikker en De reiger | All Night Long | Spook Sound System b2b Sounds from the Web | Gallus (live) | Foresense (live)

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Towards A Black Testimony – Afterparty

Official afterparty of the exhibition Towards a Black Testimony at Stroom Den Haag.

Line up: Rabz DJ Fitgirl Latoya Fatima Ferrari

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The Grey Space @ Hubs Immersive Festival 2019

We’re very proud to partner up with Hubs Immersive for the 2019 edition, presenting work by Darren Johnston (Array) and Joep Truijen.

At Hubs Immersive performers and artists take you on a sensory expedition through the building of De Nieuwe Regentes. On stage and behind the scenes you will be immersed in an experience filled with performances and installations. Together with their The Hague program partners The Grey Space in the Middle, iii and The Body of the Audience, Meyer-Chaffaud created a beautiful program.

NOTICE: This event won’t take place at The Grey Space, be sure to check the Hubs Immersive website for more info

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Dorpsgek x De Luv Nan

Dorpsgek and De Luv Nan are joining forces to fill up The Grey Space’s basement and ground floor with good people, music and art.
Musical line-up: Iggy P Karel (Live) Sun Shy Boy (Live) Pim and Proper
Exhibition: Charlotte van Alfen, Claire Galjart, Constantijn Scholten, Faria van Creij Callender, Sander Blomsma, Studio Dit and Willem Bijleveld

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Dance to Self

The official fundraising event for the fourth year of the KABK Fine Arts Department. Expect an entire day full of art, music, vintage clothing sale, dancing & yoga workshops and food.

Line-up: 20 uñas, @IO, YESSICA, AOLEU RECORDS SHOWCASE (live), LUzA cult (live), JAST (live), The Annunaki (live), quavosmommy123, Girldick x La Carnosa, Fatima Ferrari

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Popronde Den Haag

The Grey Space joins Popronde for a night of performances by AC Berkheimer, Nancy Kleurenblind & De Zingende Roadie and Disk Space.

A Grey Space Weekend

The second ‘act’ of The Grey Space will take the shape of a two-day event that aims to instigate your doubt with artistic installations, a symposium, performances, film screenings, music, food and drinks. You will experience The Grey Space inside out, from dusk til dawn. Over the weekend current projects are presented and provided with context, network and reflection. The program will be announced soon.

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Ademruimte (meaning breathing space in Dutch) is a new public space which is developed in May 2019 in The Grey Space by the organisation Calmspaces. The breathing space has the goal of creating a space for rest and contemplation within the busy cityscape. This is done through ‘feedback architecture’. A new discipline that converts physiological activity like breathing and heart rate into spatial generative light and sound. By applying simple breathing exercises the user learns to interact with the space and is guided into a 10 minutes during meditation session. For a free session, make a booking on www.ademruimte.eu.

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Blacksea Surf Party at Spotlight: Romania Film Festival

Following the theme of this year’s edition of Spotlight: Romania #5. Film & Identity, Blacksea Surf Party invites you to further investigate how pop music in the Eastern block shaped a generation and vice versa by looking at its specific iconography of celebrity, performing, packaging and distribution.

Music by Caline with C and Selena Spreadsheet

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Submarine Festival 2019

[bass pumping] Returning to our basement for a day filled with returning giants and new talent to discover. Submarine also focusses on local talent to showcase what’s going on in The Hague. This day-long program will leave your musical munchies satisfied. First confirmed acts: BEA1991, The Germans and The Sweet Release of Death.

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The Other Book – Art Book Festival (exchange)

[page turning] Festival The Other Book is a unique celebration of the art book in all its facets. It is the first biennial event in The Hague that combines an art book fair with exhibitions, workshops, talks, presentations, demonstrations, films, and performances at various locations. Each edition focuses on a different kind of ‘other book’. The first edition of The Other Book (29 November 2019 – 1 December 2019) is devoted to the Riso revolution: art books produced with Risograph and Mimeograph stencil duplicators.

The Grey Space in the Middle will host a Sunday filled with good print and quality paper.

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Index | Sonic Waves

The Hague based independent music initiative Index returns to The Grey Space to fill your evening with electronic outliers, upcoming talent and deep bass.

Line up: Breek Matthew Antler Stellaria Nemorum Dj Dundy Index DJ’s

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Basic Income Café

[flowing funky coffee] Basic Income Café (a project by Martina Huynh in collaboration with Manon van Hoeckel) wants to find out how the definition of work and income is changing in The Netherlands today. What kind of work do we value and why? Does the salary really reflect how much we appreciate someone’s work?

Basic Income Café is open every Wednesday, Thursday + Friday from the 19th of September till the 13th of December:
Wednesdays 11:00 — 17:00
Thursdays 14:00 — 21:00
Fridays 11:00 — 17:00

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Kantarion Sound

Come by and experience a test run of Kantarion Sound’s “movable acoustic panels” in order to improve room acoustics and sound articulation. “Movable” means that in whatever challenging space sound system plays, it will appear with the support of acoustic panels.
Line-up: Anni Nöps Gymnasty b/b Ivan (Kantarion)

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Roller Disco / Basement Beach Party | Life After the Warm Up

Royal Surf Club in collaboration with Every day is Friday DJ Evening invites you to a clash of local-international initiatives. Transforming The Grey Space into a roller skating rink and our basement into a beach, you’re in for a ride you won’t soon forget.
Line-up: Sydney Rahimtoola | Gymnasty | Stiib | Carlos Eperon Beltrán | Oil Boi | Brine | Fjørsk & Polly | Matthias König Aka Snackbar | Börk

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Release Party and Fundraiser Place : The Netherlands

On the 21st of December we celebrate the release of Place : The Netherlands, a compilation made to raise funds for Open Closet LGBT Netherlands. The album was curated by Queer activist Axmed Maxamad and DJ Jasmín. It includes tracks of local artists: Accuraat, Blusher, Cuboid Kiss, Dim Garden, DJ Bone, DutchAfro, Jarlentji, Loradeniz, Global Mind Surveillance, Pasiphae, Raj, Ranie Ribeiro, Rural Juror and Zohar.
Place : is a non-profit project created by New York label Air Texture, which aims to move the thinking on electronic and dance music as more than the party, but a platform that socially activates. The project creates country or regionally specific electronic music compilations where the proceeds are donated to local groups working on social causes.
Purchase the album and find more info here
Day program:
Discourse hosted by The Hang Out Den Haag en Open Closet LGBT Netherlands
Topic and speakers to be announced in the coming weeks.
Night program:
Artists to be announced in the coming weeks.

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NYE | Kryptosonik presents No More 2019!

Kryptosonik and The Grey Space collaborate to create an event for you to properly exit 2019. Expect beats, bass, electro, techno, tekno, acid, tropical bass, electronics, raw live sets and performances, bubbles and cocktails, a disco vault, cosy cafe, a basement rave until late and much more.

Black Helikopters | cultuurschok | Dj Ignite & Stefan ZMK | Duxo | Emission | Gabor | Jahua | Karavana | Klankman | North Sea Wolf Pack ft. Acidic Male | Numtek | Snackbar the Ambassador | Tim | More t.b.a.

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