[fully booked] Het Initiatief: Food of Friendship

Sat 15 July

Presented by Het Initiatief

The grand finale dinner of HET INITIATIEF, hosted by initiators and organisers Mees and Kirsten themselves!

Please note: this dinner is fully booked. It is no longer possible to make a reservation.

Their food loving journey began long before they came up with the idea of HET INITIATIEF, as they whipped up countless delectable dishes together. These shared meals not only brought about a deep-seated friendship but also kindled the flame that would become HET INITIATIEF. With their ‘Food of Friendship’ themed communal dinner, Kirsten and Mees aim to bring back those precious memories, serving them to you in the form of ‘summerfied’ adaptations of their most cherished recipes.

Bring along a friend, perhaps a couple, or even the full group, and immerse yourself in the flavors that formed the bedrock of their friendship and ultimately, the essence of HET INITIATIEF.


This dinner is communal and shared, several combinations are served. You can enjoy fennel with labneh, green oil, olives, and hazelnut, or have a pick at the tomato, radish, burrata, basil, and pecan. Enjoy potatoes, peas, capers, and chervil, or you can indulge in the eggplant, walnuts, dill, and pomegranate. Finally, the perfect fix for a sweet tooth: peach, ice cream, chili, and olive oil.

Practical Information

The menu is suitable for vegetarians but unfortunately not vegans.

There are 25 spots available, and the dinner takes place outdoors.
Price: €20,50

Het Initiatief

From July 10th to July 16th, Het Initiatief takes over The Grey Space’s kitchen for a week of experimental cooking. 

This project was launched by Mees and Kirsten to take their love for testing new dinner ideas beyond their home and into a more upscale setting. Offering a variety of experimental dinner concepts, they welcome guest home chefs to cook and host an evening with them.

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