[fully booked] Het Initiatief: Heal it to Feel it

Fri 14 July

Presented by Het Initiatief

Make a reservation for July 14th and let Soyeon An guide you through the textures, colours, shapes, and habitats of the ingredients on the menu. After thoroughly familiarising yourself with the menu, the food is served on your plate.

Please note: this dinner is fully booked. It is no longer possible to make a reservation.

Soyeon An is a South Korean artist living in the Netherlands, recreating her nostalgia through food and storytelling. She previously worked at Oficina in Amsterdam, and is now in the kitchen at Regina in Rotterdam.

Cooking Korean banchan from her hometown, she invites people on a journey to relive her nostalgia and her research on how food and the act of eating can unlock the physical memories imprinted in our bodies. 

  • Welcome drink: elderflower cordia ice cube shed & seasonal fruit punch
  • Main (noodles + banchan side dishes): buckwheat noodles, furikake, turnip, wild-picked greens, seasonal greens accompanied by banchan side dishes
  • Dessert (bingsu): horchata ice cream, poffed wheat, red beans, and aiyu jelly
Practical Information

There are 25 spots available.

The dinner takes place outdoors.
Price: €20,50

Het Initiatief

From July 10th to July 16th, Het Initiatief takes over The Grey Space’s kitchen for a week of experimental cooking. 

This project was launched by Mees and Kirsten to take their love for testing new dinner ideas beyond their home and into a more upscale setting. Offering a variety of experimental dinner concepts, they welcome guest home chefs to cook and host an evening with them.

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