[fully booked] Het Initiatief: Noodles & Bubbles

Tue 11 July

Presented by Het Initiatief

The first dinner concept of Het Initiative is presented by food and wine lovers Hidde and Esmée. Tasting is their main hobby, and if you’re looking for them, you will find Hidde recommending the best wines at Tuurlijk!wijnen or Verwardand Esmée in the kitchen of Kaapse Maria.

Please note: this dinner is fully booked. It is no longer possible to make a reservation.

On the 11th, they join culinary forces for a Noodles & Bubbles night. Discover the exciting combination of a delicious bowl of noodle soup and a good glass of bubbles.


Hidde and Esmée serve creamy miso ramen with mushrooms, bok choy, and soy egg, accompanied by a glass of bubbles.

Practical Information

There are 5 open shifts, with 7 spots available each.

  • 18.00–18.30
  • 18.30–19.00
  • 19.00–19.30
  • 19.30–20.00
  • 20.00–20.30

The dinner takes place indoors, and the first glass is included in the price.

Price: €20,50

Het Initiatief

From July 10th to July 16th, Het Initiatief takes over The Grey Space’s kitchen for a week of experimental cooking. 

This project was launched by Mees and Kirsten to take their love for testing new dinner ideas beyond their home and into a more upscale setting. Offering a variety of experimental dinner concepts, they welcome guest home chefs to cook and host an evening with them.

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