Studio Dull x Ginkosynthese

Sat 26 November

This event is in the past. Click the button below for a selection of photos that were taken that day.

Presented by The Grey Space

In the context of Constant Dullaart’s research into tools, Ginkosynthese invited artists that utilize alternative machines and tools to make music. Expect a night full of danceable experiments in the basement.

Musician and designer of electronic musical instruments, Jan Willem Hagenbeek from Ginkosynthese collected and curated a danceable line-up, something that moves from more mellow to raw as the night carries on. Expect no DJ’s, but only live electronic music with hardware machines and tools and analog visuals created with 90’s video equipment.

Practical information

This club program is part of Studio Dull: The Tool – Law, Music, Dictatorship, a hybrid broadcast for which Constant Dullaart brought together three guest speakers. A “Regular” or “Student” ticket gives access to Studio Dull: The Tool – Law, Music, Dictatorship that starts at 20.00, with the “Night” ticket you can join us after 22.00 for Studio Dull x Ginkosynthese.

The Grey Space opens at 17.00.
The event starts at 22.00.

Tickets: €6,50


Colloid is a mixture of insoluble particles throughout another substance. This reflects the live sets by Jan Willem Hagenbeek on his modular synth. Jan Willem, the person behind Ginkosynthese is a boutique modular synth designer and manufacturer. He collected and built a huge number of modules throughout the years and performs on a system that looks like the controls of a spaceship. The music evolves while playing as the live sets are played while patching new sounds on the fly. Expect an improvised experimental musical trip from ambient soundscapes through scattered beats with some elements of lo-fi hip-hop and early techno.

Stekkerdoos Fietst

Stekkerdoos explores the limitlessness of music, theater, characters, fiction, and reality. With dreamy noise, field recordings, live vocals, and samples. It may include a dia-slide-show, cassette tapes, delicious food, or a bike. Today it includes a bike: Stekkerdoos – Fietst travels by bike. You will hear sounds recorded along the way, a text as written during the route, and live sounds of a bike via a contact microphone. 

Oliv Oliv

Oliv Oliv, the moniker of Olivier Terpstra, is a modular synth performer. In his music, he mainly uses field recordings that are captured on filmsets during his work as a sound recordist. Combining these recordings with the rich analog sounds created on the modular synthesizer, the audience enters a whole new universe. Experience it as a real-time (live)production of the recent massive soundtrack for your imaginary film—full of field recordings, compelling melodies, and a hinge of techno.


Dexter is a creative tinkerer and was looking for a way to get away from his computer. Accordingly, he came to the idea to build a machine, on which he brings his improvised techno for you this evening. 

Boris loves Gameboys

Boris loves Gameboys started making music with gameboys in the early zeros as Gameboys a Gogo. Playing live at numerous acid/Tekno raves with Wirwar Soundsystem and more established festivals like Mysteryland, Solar, and others. In the years after that, he shifted more towards modular synthesizers and performed a lot under his Boris Scorpio moniker. Lately, he discovered that it was time to combine the two and create a new performance: Boris loves Gameboys. His music jumps between Tekno, rave, and breakcore and is best described as hi-energy mayhem.

Open Space: Constant Dullaart – Studio Dull

From September 9th until December 18th, artist Constant Dullaart is the Open Space resident at The Grey Space. Dullaart initiates new work and exchanges knowledge around his artistic research into the authorship hidden in protocols, systems, and tools. For this, part of The Grey Space will be transformed into the broadcasting station Studio Dull. The radio broadcasts are prepared by the editorial team, consisting of Ruby Lee (artist), Marijke Cobbenhagen (artistic lead of The Grey Space), and Constant Dullaart.