Open Space: Constant Dullaart – Studio Dull

Wed 7 September
→ Sat 26 November

Presented by The Grey Space

Artist Constant Dullaart is next Open Space resident at The Grey Space. During the fall of 2022, Dullaart will initiate new work and exchange knowledge around his artistic research into the authorship hidden in protocols, systems and tools. The residency is open to the public.

Like no other Constant Dullaart plays with the notion of what a medium is and searches for the human origins of technological phenomena and structures. He uses the internet as an alternative space for presentation and (mis)representation. He makes us think again about what we have become blind to as users and consumers, and deconstructs existing systems in an almost activist way.

From September 7 until November 27 part of The Grey Space will be transformed into the broadcasting station ‘Studio Dull’. In a world increasingly dictated by data systems, Studio Dull questions to what extent a user can still act independently. Are we caged by technology or set free?

The hybrid (radio) broadcasts are prepared with an editorial team, consisting of author and journalist Sanne Bloemink, artistic lead of The Grey Space Marijke Cobbenhagen and Constant Dullaart. The process of editing will be accessible onsite and online. Besides interviews and archival material the broadcasts will also consist of  contributions from the audience.

Public Events

During the residency period three public events take place on 09/09, 08/10 and 26/11, for which we invite guests and performers to create live broadcasts. More information about these public events will follow soon.

Open Space

Aiming to act as a catalyst in the artistic practice of contemporary makers, The Grey Space hosts the annual residency Open Space. Open Space is inspired by radical relationism, which can best be explained following the basic principles of particle physics, where in order to study the most fundamental matter of which our universe is composed, things are combined solely to see what unexpected outcomes emerge.

During a three month working period a maker is invited to appropriate The Grey Space. Together they investigate the needs of a proposed project and for its development The Grey Space provides space, resources and tools, opens up its network, provides feedback and organises public events. During the working period often illogical or unexpected connections emerge with thinkers, makers, organisations, companies, tools and professionals from other domains, which all influence the project.

The events allow the public to experience work in progress and to be involved in the development, and in turn allow the maker to be inspired by input of the public.


Open Space – Studio Dull is made possible by the Creative Industries Fund NL, Stroom Den Haag and the Mondriaan Fund.