A Three Fold [stretching density]

Thu 23 September
→ Sun 26 September
A Three Fold is a recurring program in three parts: a music and performance program, a micro exhibition and a culinary experience. The audience moves through different spaces during the course of the multisensory event.
This hybrid multi-day September edition is presented by The Grey Space and TodaysArt and features an extensive program with works, performances, DJ-sets and talks by Simon Grab + Yao Bobby, LazerGazer, Lulu, Zoë Mc Pherson, Mihalis Shammas, Hüma Utku, Karel van Laere, Philip Vermeulen, Mia Zabelka and Leonard Prochazka.

Thursday 23 September

  • 16:00-22:00 Installations: Philip Vermeulen, Mia Zabelka, Karel van Laere
  • 17:30-18:15 Talk: about Pauline Oliveros w/ Kristin Norderwal, Anne Wellmer, Mia Zabelka
  • 18:30-21:00 Dinner: Iris Uffen (menu)
  • 20:30-21:15 Performance: Mia Zabelka – For Pauline Oliveros
  • 21:15-00:00 DJ: Leonard Prochazka

Friday 24 September

  • 16:00-00:00 Installations: Philip Vermeulen, Mia Zabelka, Karel van Laere
  • 18:30-21:00 Dinner: Julio Salsiccia (menu)
  • 20:00-20:30 Performance: Karel van Laere – Reach
  • 21:00-21:45 Performance: Zoë Mc Pherson
  • 22:00-22:45 Performance: Simon Grab + Yao Bobby
  • 22:45-00:00 DJ: Lulu

Saturday 25 September

  • 12:00-00:00 Installations: Philip Vermeulen, Mia Zabelka, Karel van Laere
  • 17:30-18:15 Talk: Interview with Philip Vermeulen by Sanneke Huisman
  • 18:30-21:00 Dinner: Lotte Holtappels (menu)
  • 19:30-21:00 Performance: Philip Vermeulen + Studio Hendriksen
  • 21:00-21:45 Performance: Mihalis Shammas
  • 22:00-22:45 Performance: Hüma Utku
  • 22:45-00:00 DJ: LazerGazer

Sunday 26 September

  • 12:00-18:00 Installations: Philip Vermeulen, Mia Zabelka, Karel van Laere
Tickets and dinner reservations
  • Thursday: €5,00 (performance Mia Zabelka, DJ Leonard Prochazka)
  • Friday: €10,00 (performances Simon Grab + Yao Bobby, Zoë Mc Pherson, DJ Lulu)
  • Saturday: €10,00 (performances Hüma Utku, Mihalis Shammas, DJ LazerGazer)
  • Thursday-Sunday: Free Entrance (installations)

Unfortunately we have a limited capacity due to the COVID-19 measures. Please make sure to arrive in time as we can’t guarantee access after the start of the event.

On Saturday the new COVID-19 measures will be in place, meaning we can actually let go of the 1.5m distancing and you can stand and dance again (yay!!). This also means that unfortunately we will need to use CoronaCheck for this night and we can only provide entrance with a valid QR code.

This hybrid event will take place physically at The Grey Space. If you can’t attend, tune into the livestream on Friday and Saturday via Mixcloud.

Join us for dinner on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Click here for the menu.

  • Between 18:30 and 21:00 dinner is served.
  • The cafe and terrace are opened from 16:00 on Thursday and Friday and from 12:00 on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Payment at the bar (pin only).
  • Students get 20% discount on the drink menu.
  • Reservations: via reservations@thegreyspace.net. Please mention your name, the amount of guests, the date and which dish you would like.
Philip Vermeulen - 10 Meters of Sound

As an addition to Philip Vermeulen’s solo-show Verbogen, Verbrijzeld (Shattered Scattered), that is on view September 10 till October 1 at W139 in Amsterdam, and as a continuation of last years COVID-19 cancelled solo exhibition of work by Philip Vermeulen (curated by Florian Weigl) at The Grey Space, two installations and a performance will be presented at A Three Fold in collaboration with TodaysArt.

The Grey Space introduced Philip Vermeulen to graphic design studio Studio Hendriksen to collaboratively examine in what way it would be possible to archive and publish Vermeulen’s work in a two-dimensional form. In a live performance an extract of Vermeulen’s work Boem BOem, a visceral acoustic instrument constructed from two heavy duty accelerated baseball machines, will be ‘printed’ (or ‘shot’) to result in an edition of unique prints, which are literally a residue of the work. Over a longer period of time Vermeulen and studio Hendriksen aim to keep adding editions, each uniquely linked to a specific work.

10 Meters of Sound is an audio-visual kinetic composition for high-speed rotating elastic cables and the interference of their wave patterns. Two elastic cables attached to motors are stretched 10 meters across a room and rotate at different frequencies in a composition of waves and flickering moiré patterns, all while making ‘whooshing’ sounds through the air. Moiré patterns appear when two similar patterns overlap each other and create a third pattern.

On Saturday writer, art critic and curator Sanneke Huisman will conduct an interview with Vermeulen about his work.

Mia Zabelka by Lerachef

Mia Zabelka is an Austrian violinist, vocalist and sound artist who is interested in the interdisciplinarity between music and science. She developed a unique musical language in a process she calls automatic playing, where acoustic interaction between the body and gestures of the artist and the surrounding environment takes place. This finds its expression in her electric violin with electronic devices, alien objects, vocals, and acoustic violin.

For A Three Fold TodaysArt invited Mia Zabelka to present the performance and installation For Pauline Oliveros. The project is a personal homage to her teacher and friend Pauline Oliveros, an important pioneer in electronic music and spatial sound art. The piece consists of complex, electronically modified and spatially designed violin sounds.

Before the performance on Thursday there will be a Q&A about Pauline Oliveros with Kristin Norderwal, Anne Wellmer and Mia Zabelka. The piece is also presented as an ongoing installation.

For the first Open Space working period at The Grey Space artist Karel van Laere will work on his project Reach from September to November 2021. The starting point of this the residency is his fascination with laparoscopic instruments (robotic tools used for surgery). During A Three Fold you can see his work in progress.

Yao Bobby and Simon Grab by Anne Morgenstern

The singular Togolese rapper and political activist Yao Bobby collaborates with Swiss noisemaker Simon Grab. The performance is an intense soundbattle between energetic rhymes fired into a dark soundworld of raw electronic bass pulsations with a dubby punk attitude, produced on an incorrectly wired mixing desk. Rap meets experimental noise electronics resulting in mutant, self-oscillating, border-crushing, anti-capitalist, diamond-trade tackling dancehall.

Zoë Mc Pherson by Christophe Mauberqué

Invited by TodaysArt, Zoë Mc Pherson returns to The Grey Space after their legendary performance at Laser Club in 2019. Mc Pherson (she/they) is a multimedia artist, performer, researcher, multichannel sound designer, DJ, and founder of SFX platform, label & community. As well as creating music for movement and sound enthusiasts, Mc Pherson is drawn to bridging the worlds of sound and visual art. Main ongoing threads in their work are exploring rhytmics, intersections, liminalities and the interdependence between all elements and bodies.

Hüma Utku at Donau Festival 2019 by David Visnjic II

Electronic music composer and sound artist Hüma Utku explores the possibilities of how sound textures and rhythm can be used to evoke a sense of ancient within electronic music. With an overall disregard for musical genre divisions she fuses field recordings, acoustic instruments, atmospheric ambience into harmonious noise and harsh ritualistic rhythms, utilizing sound and music as tools for storytelling.

The work of artist and designer Mihalis Shammas is driven by an urge to create narrative objects and tools for musical expression. It explores the intricacies of movement and sound in animating materials. Amidst mechanical precision and poetic error, his artifacts carry about the imaginary dimension of the useless machine, their technical nature muddled by their narrative capacities.


A Three Fold is made possible by the City of The Hague and Kickstart Cultuurfonds. This edition is presented in collaboration with TodaysArt.

The performances by Zoë Mc Pherson and Hüma Utku are are presented by TodaysArt in the framework of SHAPE with support by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.

The works by Philip Vermeulen were realized with additional support by the City of The Hague, the Mondriaan Fund, Stichting Niemeijer Fonds and are presented in collaboration with W139 and TodaysArt.

Mia Zabelka is presented by TodaysArt, is supported by the Embassy of Austria in The Hague and was commissioned by the Austrian Cultural Forum New York and musikprotokoll / Steirischer Herbst.

The Friday program is part of Hoogtij.