Alesya Dobysh – Motus Sonus (2023)

In a week long residency, dancer and choreographer Alesya Dobysh collaborated with musician and composer Max Frimout. They brought together an interdisciplinary experimental project focused on movement and sound under the titel Motus Sonus.

The collaborative practice of Dobysh and Frimout revolves around the musicality of movement and the physicality of sound, as they delve into the interplay between dance, music, and space. Following their recent exhibition in Seoul, they collaborate with artists specializing in performance art, sound art, martial arts, street dancing, and club dancing. Together, they aim to explore the intricate relationship between sonic and somatic experiences.

Photo’s by Nas Hosen

Alesya Dobysh

Alesya Dobysh is a Dutch-based professional dancer, choreographer, and curator. She began her career in the street and club dance scene, where she cultivated a love for House dance culture that has formed the basis of her artistic pursuits. She has been an active participant in the “battle” dance scene, having taken main prizes at international events such as Summer Dance Forever (Amsterdam), Juste Debout (Paris), Random Circles (Frankfurt), Street Star (Stockholm) and many others.

In her art, she is committed to experimenting with fusing subcultural backgrounds and unconventional forms of expression with performance art, theatre, visual art, and sound art. One of her signature approaches involves deconstructing footwork-oriented techniques into an abstract language, which she uses to choreograph her works.


On Saturday June 17 and Sunday June 18 Motus Sonus was performed at The Grey Space. The performance consisted of a series of choreographed sketches and improvisations, navigating the interdependencies of sound, movement, and space.


In cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DutchCulture, UC Masters (Emoves), Institute of Sonology and PLAN.

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