Motus Sonus

Sat 17 June
→ Sun 18 June
Times vary

Hosted by Alesya Dobysh and Max Frimout.

Motus Sonus is an interdisciplinary experimental project focused on movement and sound, curated by dancer and choreographer Alesya Dobysh, and composer Max Frimout.

The curators’ collaborative practice evolves through their investigation of the musicality of movement and the physicality of sound, as they delve into the interplay between dance, music, and space. Following their recent exhibition in Seoul, they collaborate with artists specializing in performance art, sound art, martial arts, street dancing, and club dancing. Together, they aim to explore the intricate relationship between sonic and somatic experiences.

Prior to the performance, the artists spend several days exploring the acoustic quality of the physical space. The performance consists of a series of choreographed sketches and improvisations, navigating the interdependencies of sound, movement, and space.

Practical information

Motus Sonus 19.30–21.00
The Grey Space café 16.30–01.00

Motus Sonus 16.00–17.30
The Grey Space café 15.30–23.00

Student online: €9,00
Regular online: €12,00


In cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DutchCulture, UC Masters (Emoves), Institute of Sonology and PLAN.