The Grey Space x ZEND Festival

Thu 6 October
Free Entry

Hosted by The Grey Space as part of ZEND Festival.

The Grey Space is part of ZEND Festival, opening its doors for the public to experience a special Studio Dull broadcast.

Studio Dull is the project of Open Space artist-in-residence Constant Dullaart at The Grey Space. We invite you to a special broadcast by Constant Dullaart, which can be experienced in the online Dull Garden or at ‘Studio Dull’, a temporary broadcasting platform at The Grey Space. You can visit The Grey Space at any point during the evening or tune in online.

Constant Dullaart: Studio Dull

Artist Constant Dullaart is the current Open Space artist-in-residence at The Grey Space. Until December 18th, part of The Grey Space has been transformed into the broadcasting station ‘Studio Dull’. In collaboration with The Grey Space, Dullaart initiates new work, invites guests and exchanges knowledge around his artistic research into the authorship hidden in protocols, systems and tools.  In a world increasingly dictated by data systems, Studio Dull questions to what extent a user can still act independently. Are we caged by technology or set free? The residency is open to the public.

ZEND Festival

ZEND is a festival for media in The Hague. ZEND presents itself as an urgent festival for both new and traditional forms of media. Ranging from internet radio stations, podcasts, print media and media art, The Hague offers a diverse palette of initiatives sending their stories, creations and ideas into the world. ZEND creates space for these stories and offers a showcase of local creators and platforms that manifest themselves within different media disciplines.

Practical information

Free entry.
The Grey Space opens at 17.00.
The Grey Space closes at 23.00.