Visual Storytellers

Wed 16 March
→ Sun 20 March
Free Entrance

Hosted by ROSE stories

‘Visual Storytellers: Filling In What Was Left Out’ is an exhibition of the results of a talent development program by ROSE stories for (aspiring) designers and makers with a diverse signature or a strong affinity with other cultures and stories.

Through master classes, individual and professional coaching, ROSE stories creates space for artistic development with an emphasis on visual storytelling and cultural entrepreneurship.

The artists are new storytellers in their own right, with a unique ability to convey narratives through visual art and digital media. Some of the narratives evolve from personal journeys while others are more analytical or theoretical in approach, but all the works tell stories that are as personal as they are universal. Touching different topics such as mental health and sexuality via different media brings all the work together into an exhibition that can be read and enjoyed on a variety of different levels. Reading between the lines of these works, you are invited to discover what shapes this exhibition into visual storytelling at its best.

Participating artists

Leeza Pritychenko, Miya Wang, Mohamad Zul Ghina, Omar Abdellatif, Samira El Kaddouri, Silvia Celiberti, Karima Choukeri and Mina Abouzahra.

Each artist explores the art practice of visual storytelling in their own way, using photo, film, illustration, fashion, design, VR and typography. The exhibition is curated by Malikka Bouaissa from AlArte. The artists have been coached by Ali Eslami, Gyor Moore, Karim Adduchi, Khalid Amakran, Shenin Lebrun and Sioejeng Tsao.

Opening Times
  • Wednesday: 16.00–22.00
  • Thursday: 16.00–22.00
  • Friday: 16.00–22.00
  • Saturday: 14.00–22.00
  • Sunday: 14.00–18.00
Opening Event

On Wednesday the 16th of March at 17.00 the exhibition will be opened with an artist talk hosted by Nike Ayinla (Orisun) followed by music by Nas Hosen (Orisun) and Human Nature DJ (Tonal Oceans).

  • 16.00: Exhibition opening
  • 17.00: Artist Talk
  • 18.00–22.00: DJs Nas Hosen & Human Nature DJ

Combine your visit to the opening of the exhibition with a delicious dinner at The Grey Space. Guest chef Hubert de Meij will be preparing a delicious Caribbean two course menu.


The exhibition is an initiative by ROSE stories, supported by The Grey Space in the Middle, ARTESHOQ, the City of the Hague, the Creative Industries Fund NL and Pictoright.