Thu 4 November

Hosted by: x cockroach collective

Move! is an eclectic evening full of sounds and performances curated by as part of its current exhibition ‘All Cockroaches are Beautiful’, organized in collaboration with the cockroach collective at the new artist initiative OmniTemporal.

“During Move!, unfolds, the notion(s) of revolution shaped around an evening full of free-flowing movements based on boundless joy and the wish of coming together. An experimental journey of sounds accompanies boundless energetic movements. Ranging from analog to digital, the artists create a space to unfold and release themselves and the audience through their performances. Moving from acoustic rap and punk to electronically generated sounds, we blur the lines of genres and come together to let go and lose ourselves in the movement of the moment.”

  • 18.15-19.00 Beyond Me
  • 19.10-19.30 Sun Clown
  • 19.30-20.00 Luza Cult
  • 20.10-20.30 Knots
  • 20.45-21.00 Midnight Wellness Retreat (performance by Kexin Hao and Tingyi Jiang)
  • 21.10-22.45 World Experience Center (Valentin, Amos Peled, d:ma)
  • 23.00-00.00 40knopen (Pelle Schilling)
  • Live visuals: Lizzy Bax
Design by Kexin Hao

The group show ‘All cockroaches are beautiful’ features work by twenty-eight participating artists from the Photography department of the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) at the new artist initiative OmniTemporal. Through the mediums of photography, moving image, installation and site-specific works the artists reflect on the notion of revolution as a process of personal and artistic liberation.

The exhibition can be visited from November 3rd until the 7th (weekdays 15.00-21.00, weekend from 11.00-23.00) at OmniTemporal (Frijdastraat 4, Rijswijk).