Streams of Sound

Sat 21 October
→ Sun 22 October

During Wasteland’s very own club night, ‘Streams of Sound,’ Wasteland Collective takes over the basement of the Grey Space in the Middle, guiding you on a sonic journey into the world of waste.

Sound surrounds us constantly, but when does it become noise, and when is it wasted? This is what we explore together with RipXenakis, RJM Vanderheyden, and Nikos, through their hypnotic sounds, spanning live production and experimental electronics to field recordings and dynamic club selections. Join this special night and celebrate the 2nd edition of WASTELAND: Streams of Waste.

Nikos uses playful and hypnotic sounds to craft music that encourages movement and offers an immersive listening experience. RJM Vanderheyden’s DJ sets transition between claustrophobic noise, experimental electronics, and high-energy club selections. Alongside RipXenakis, they guarantee an electric and energetic night.

Practical Information

The Grey Space opens at 17.00
The event starts at 22.00

Ticket prices range between €5,00 and €10,00; depending on your current means.

Wasteland: Streams of Waste

The club night is part of the Wasteland Festival, which, over the next two weeks, will host a wide range of events centered around waste and sustainability. This year’s festival theme delves into the fluidity of waste.

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