Wasteland: Streams of Waste

Thu 19 October
→ Sun 29 October

Presented by Wasteland

Bringing together researchers, artists, and activists, Wasteland Festival collectively¬†address the challenges posed by waste in today’s world.

This year’s theme delves into the fluid nature of waste, marking it as a continually shifting entity. The ongoing waste crisis is a shared concern, in need of a collective effort to find a solution. In a time marked by ever-growing environmental problems and production growth, critical reflection is needed on the limits of growth. The festival invites you to gain a deeper understanding of our present reality and to embark on the exploration of potential alternatives, while creating awareness of the dire need for change.


Throughout the festival, there will be several types of events taking place, some at The Grey Space, and others in different parts of The Hague. Ranging from workshops and exhibitions to a club night.

Exhibition - Streams of Waste

The exhibition explores the different paths of physical and digital waste flows and environmental impacts they give rise to. These flows differ in their levels of visibility and public recognition. While we easily notice plastic waste littering our streets, the microplastics infiltrating our bodies remain largely hidden. The exhibition delves into consequences of pollution at both local and global levels, aiming to reveal its effects on communities and ecosystems.


The festival hosts a series of workshops about waste, creating an accessible and engaging program for visitors regardless of age or background. The workshops engage with the pressing issues of our time, such as mounting textile, food, electronic and plastic waste, in a meaningful and playful way. In these workshops you can learn to repair or reuse old materials, prevent things from turning to waste or discover how to create new objects out of existing ones.

Club night

On Saturday, the 21st of October, Wasteland will host their own club event at The Grey Space. The night’s music lineup will feature NIKOS, RipXenakis, and RJM Vanderheyden, promising a diverse and energetic experience.

Practical information

A full overview and a detailed program is available on the site of Wasteland.

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