Re-Membering Phantoms

Thu 14 September
→ Sun 17 September
Free entry

Presented by de-Haunted Collective

de-Haunted Collective organises an exhibition on Hauntology and Artistic Research, proposing a moment of reflection on possible paths of transmission of unrecorded (hi)stories through communities and generations.

Set against the backdrop of contemporary artistry “re-Membering Phantoms”, showcases a melange of ingenious minds. The exhibition invites you to think along: in what ways do memories and histories delegitimized by official information circuits circulate? Do meanings and narratives attached to artefacts change when they are housed in archives/museums?  What kinds of re-Membering processes allow us to relate to the phantoms of traditionally unacknowledged voices, memories, and (hi)stories in the arts?


Hans-Hannah, a member of the World Pickers Collective, intertwines surrealism, sci-fi, and permaculture in her art, beckoning viewers to reexamine known tales and confront our shared challenges. Marieke Peeters, hailing from Den Haag, NL, amalgamates material research and performance in her installations, offering audiences a glimpse into the tumultuous realms of horror, navigating a wavering social reality. Lore Pilzecker, a Master Fine Arts student at the Piet Zwart Institute, delves deep into the idea of commemoration, seeking to reproduce the monumentality of stories left behind by the departed. Completing the quartet is Mariana Gusso Nickel, an artistic researcher and an adept editor at Simulacrum Magazine. Her works on the Anthropophagic Movement in Brazil echo with resilience and depth, as she co-organizes this very exhibition alongside Pilzecker. Come, be immersed in their narratives, and witness artistry in its myriad forms.

Practical Info

The exhibition is open on:

  • Thursday 17.00–23.00
  • Friday 17.00–23.00
  • Saterday 17.00–23.00
  • Sunday 13.00–17.00

Entry to the exhibition is free.

re-Membering Phantoms

From the 14th until the 17th of September 2023, re-Membering Phantoms, an exhibition and symposium on Hauntology and Artistic Research, takes place at The Grey Space. re-Membering Phantoms is organised by the de-Haunted Collective (Lore Pilzecker & Mariana Gusso Nickel) and made possible by Pictorights Fonds.