Open Space: Wrap-up

Thu 8 June

This event is in the past. Click the button below for a selection of photos that were taken that day.

Presented by The Grey Space

For the closing event of our Open Space resident Amparo González Sola, we invite you to a performative symposium. An opportunity to take a closer look at Sola’s work and hear about her artistic research into the reciprocal encounters between human and matter.

The symposium features an introduction by Amparo González Sola and artistic director Marijke Cobbenhagen, a lecture by philosopher Nik Brörmann, a performance by vocalist Stephanie Pan and a panel talk led by theatre historian Dr. Marijn de Langen. This evening is an opportunity to gain insight into Sola’s creative process and discover the ideas behind her work. Come by, listen and connect!

“I see Amparo’s work as activistic. A form of activism that doesn’t shout, but makes something happen in a poetic way, with a philosophical approach. She is able to change the way we look at ourselves. A change that perhaps speaks to a fundamental attitude at its root. And in that sense radical.” – Marijke Cobbenhagen, artistic director of The Grey Space

  • 19.30 – Walk-in
  • 20.00 – Opening by Marijke Cobbenhagen
  • 20.10  – Performative Introduction by Amparo González Sola
  • 20.20 – Lecture by Nik Brörmann
  • 20.40 – Performance Stephanie Pan
  • 21.00 – Break
  • 21.10 – Paneltalk moderated by dr. Marijn de Langen
  • 22.00 – End
Practical Information

The Grey Space opens at 16.30
The event starts at 20.00

Regular online: €12,50
Student online: €9,50
Door: €12,50

Amparo González Sola

Amparo Gonzalez Sola (Argentina, 1984) is a choreographer, performer, teacher and researcher. Her work interweaves proprioception (the ability of an organism to perceive the position of its own body and body parts) with politics and philosophy. She draws on her experience of activism in Buenos Aires and her status as a migrant. Sola works both inside and outside the walls of the theater, with people from different backgrounds, generations and disciplines. With her work she breaks through fixed relationships and transforms experiences into a creative process.

Nik Brörmann

Nik Brörmann is an applied ethicist who likes to think about and address the concrete moral questions that arise in everyday life. They like to put their money where their mouth is and view their life as a form of resistance to oppression, changing and reappropriating narratives and taking responsibility for their privileges. They are a queer elder, are lovingly referred to as the oracle and a trench and ditch philosopher.

Stephanie Pan

Stephanie Pan is a voice artist, composer, interdisciplinary maker, performer and curator currently based in The Hague, the Netherlands. At the root of her work is the notion of pure communication; finding a form of contact with the audience which is stripped of social expectations and distractions, that speaks beyond the conventional and social limitations and constructs of language. Her work is visceral, passionate and intense, and often explores the limits of the body and voice.

Marijn de Langen

Dr. Marijn de Langen is coordinator of the research group Embodied Knowledge in Theater and Dance at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. De Langen conducted an extensive research into the tradition of mime in the Netherlands, which resulted in her thesis Dutch Mime: a distinct mode of thought in theatre practice (Utrecht University) in 2017. After years of research and archive work Marijn de Langen’s book Dutch Mime was published in 2022. It is the first publication of this size about the unique tradition of mime in the Netherlands. Click here for more information.

Open Space: Amparo González Sola – La Conspiración de las Formas (2023)

This spring, choreographer Amparo González Sola is our Open Space resident. During this residency, which is open to the public, Sola further develops her artistic work on examining the transformational relationship between human and matter.


Amparo González Sola’s Open Space residency is made possible by the Creative Industries Fund NL, the City of The Hague and Stroom Den Haag.