Open Space: Process on Stage

Mon 24 April
→ Sun 11 June

Presented by The Grey Space

As part of our Open Space residency program, choreographer Amparo González Sola deepens and explores her artistic practice in the presence of an audience. Open Space is a residency program that shows the artistic process as an ongoing exhibition.

Sola’s residency focuses on her work La Conspiración de las Formas (The Conspiracy of Forms). In this long-term project, she investigates the changing relationship between human and matter. It addresses the question how we relate to the world we built.

The space left to our entrance is the base from where Sola will work. The ingredients for the residency are 50 blocks of concrete, a number of tools, light and the human body. During the opening hours of The Grey Space you will encounter daily changing residue and remains of the intensive days she will spend practicing with two dancers. Continuously updated personal video messages, capturing bits and pieces from the process, are presented in the space.

Practical Information

The installation can be viewed during our regular opening hours

Free entry

Open Space: Amparo González Sola – La Conspiración de las Formas (2023)

This Spring, choreographer Amparo González Sola is our Open Space resident. During this residency, which is open to the public, Sola further develops her artistic practice focused on examining the transformational relationship between man and matter.


Concept and direction: Amparo González Sola
Performers: Carolina Stegmayer, Claudia Ganquín, Amparo González Sola
Light designer: Vinny Jones
Assistant: Isabel Aimé González Sola
Dramaturgical advice: Lisa Reinheimer
Production support: Sanne Jacobs
Open Space is made possible by: Creative Industries Fund NL, City of The Hague, Stroom Den Haag
Co-production: workspacebrussels (BE), The Grey Space in the Middle (NL), SPRING Performing Arts Festival (NL)
Support: Goethe-Institut Nederland (DE), Dansateliers (NL), Gemeente Utrecht (NL), Residenties in Utrecht (NL)
Residencies: Kaaistudio’s (BE), The Grey Space in the Middle (NL), Het Huis Utrecht (NL)