Open Space: centre OFF gravity x Neon Songs

Fri 10 November
→ Wed 22 November
Free entry

In the last phase of Ildikó Horváth’s Open Space public residency program, The Grey Space presents Horváth’s interactive work ‘centre OFF gravity’ alongside the installation ‘Neon Songs’ by multidisciplinary artist Mariah Blue.

centre OFF gravity

With centre OFF gravity Ildikó Horváth searches for the role sound plays in the human body’s relationship with Earth and gravity. At The Grey Space she developed a spatial audio installation and a series of performances that highlight the subtle, but strong, relevance of aural perception. Inspired by kinetic toys such as spinning tops or roly-poly toys, the resulting work aims to facilitate a conscious listening exercise that is integrated with tangible matter, movement and digital technology. 

Horváth invites the audience and various performing artists to explore the different facets of the installation and to jointly observe the spectrum of balance, including bodily limits, vertigo or weightlessness.

Neon Songs

Neon Songs is an interactive sound installation and performance work by multidisciplinary artist Mariah Blue. She investigates themes around technology that range from stone age pottery to machine learning algorithms.

Neon Songs is an experimental telecommunications network. The interactive, DIY network is inspired, not only by our ever-present screens, but also by the invisible architectures of fibre optic cable networks and other telecom infrastructures that span the globe and enable communications on our electronic devices. The project aims to make bodily relationships to our technologies visible and to build connections to one another through education and interaction with the network. In the DIY network, the communication and interaction between performers, is made visible through light and sound. 


During the opening weekend of the exhibition on November 10th and 11th, the two artists will be joined by handstand artist Melody Nolan, interdisciplinary mime artist Niek Vanoosterweyckm and improvisational musicians Angelo Custódio, Amit Palgi, Maria Isolina Cozzani, Matteo Traverso and Jonny Mehrez. Together they will activate both installations in a search for the relation and balance between sound, light and movement.

Practical information

Friday, 10 November

  • 17.00–22.00: Exhibition
  • 19.30–21.30: Performances

Saturday, 11 November

  • 17.00–22.00: Exhibition
  • 19.30–21.30: Performances

Wednesday, 15 November until Sunday, 19 November

  • 15.00–20.00: Exhibition

Wednesday 22 November

  • 15.00–18.00: Exhibition
Open Space residency

Artist Ildikó Horváth joined the Open Space residency program, showcasing an artistic process as an ongoing exhibition. She will deepen her artistic practice in the presence of an audience.


centre OFF gravity is supported by Creative Industries Fund NL, Mondriaan Fund, Het Niemeijer Fonds. Invited performers are Melody Nolan, Niek Vanoosterweyck, Michael Zandl and Fidel Rott. Conceptual and sound design support was provided by Michele Abolaffio, Mark IJzerman, Zeno van den Broek. Artist Ludmila Rodrigues supported the audience interaction.

Neon Songs is made possible with the generous support of Mondriaan Fonds, Creative Industries Fund NL, Amarte Fonds, Gemeente Zuid, AFK and De Thomas.