Moving Downstairs

Sat 29 October

This event is in the past. Click the button below for a selection of photos that were taken that day.

Presented by The Grey Space, curated by Hala Namer.

The next edition of Moving Downstairs, where concerts and performances, immersive sound pieces, collective experiences, and clubbing push the boundaries of our basement.

Music is a tool for communication and at The Grey Space, we seek to enhance the interaction with the audience. This edition of Moving Downstairs focuses on exploring the liminal space between the arts and the club.

DJ Hala Namer, also known as Lazer Gazer, composed an evening that exists as a transition between states of being, where she mixes live performance with a club vibe. In her view, a club is not only a space for dancing but also a playground for experimentation where accidental collaboration and combinations can happen; serious partying is soo 2018. Expect performance interventions in the club, DJ sets going everywhere from deconstructed reggeaton, j-core, UK garage, Egyptian R&B, French drill, and more.

Noise Diva
Noise Diva is an Amsterdam-based producer and DJ, Garage Noord resident, and co-founder of  KLAB. Her musical style bridges together with a variety of genres, from Moroccan trap to Egyptian R&B, French drill, dancehall, and UK garage, thereby weaving together stories that transcend the dance floor, all while ensuring that dancers stay hot on their toes. The ecstatic flow that she creates in her sets is always unexpected and yet guarantees to create intimate connections around the DJ booth.
Content y Contenido
Content y Contenido consists of the partners Lucía Vives and Ingeborg Kraft Fermin.  Ever since 2020, they have been experimenting with the ethos ‘fake it till you make it’ and have thereby accelerated the tensions between oversharing and storytelling through performance and installations. They presented remixes of their pieces in Galeria Zé dos Bois in Lisbon, Perdu in Amsterdam, and La Casa Encendida in Madrid. For The Grey Space in the Middle, they bring THE PHOENIX EQUIVALENT OF A CLUB NIGHT aka HIGHLY RELATABLE SPOKEN ART (LOOPED).
Glabra is the sonic-fueled side of Tomás Queiroz. As a trained designer with a joyful hunger for DJing, genre-bending has become another tool for unapologetic world-building on the dancefloor. From j-core to deconstructed reggeaton, Glabra puts the pedal to the medal, drifting through digital cumbia, rave funk, and hardcore. They are a member of the Lisbon-based collective and multimedia artistic platform ARVI, where they play as one of the residents. They are also the co-host of the show Digital Freak at Radio Quântica – a Lisbon-based online radio – since 2019. Currently, they are based in Amsterdam to pursue their studies at the Sandberg Institute and are eager to explore the possibilities of its communities.
Curated by Nala Hamer

Hala Namer, alias LazerGazer, is an artist, curator, musician, and DJ. She was born in Damascus and is currently based in Amsterdam. Hala’s visual and audio practice evokes a wide range of energies and raw emotions: it’s an ambient emotional rollercoaster and a myth stimulation.

Practical information

Tickets: €9,50 (presale + door)
The Grey Space opens at 17.00.
The event starts at 21.00

Moving Downstairs

Moving Downstairs is a monthly program with concerts and performances, immersive sound pieces, collective experiences and clubbing in the basement of The Grey Space. Depending on the setting, the audience might be seated, standing, dancing, behind a screen or moving through the space. For each edition The Grey Space invites a different guest curator.


Moving Downstairs is made possible by the City of The Hague.