Moving Downstairs

Sat 19 November
€9,50 | €7,50 (Students)

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Presented by The Grey Space, curated by Yota Morimoto

The next edition of Moving Downstairs, where concerts and performances, immersive sound pieces, collective experiences, and clubbing push the boundaries of our basement.

Music is a tool for communication and at The Grey Space, we seek to enhance the interaction with the audience. For this edition of Moving Downstairs, composer and researcher Yota Morimoto, informed by cutting-edge research and experiments in sound, brings you a night of refined hypnotic noises & chaotic audio swarms. The live acts revolve around new kinds of behavior in sound, a sonic flux; one that challenges the very static nature of electronic music. Immerse your ears with organic microsounds and AI-driven audio textures.

  • 21.30–00.00 Live Acts by Mehrnaz Khorrami, Tselem Enosh, Bjarni Gunnarsson, and Axel Chemla—Romeu-Santos.
  • 00.00–02.00 Anni Nöps
Mehrnaz Khorrami

Mehrnaz Khorrami is an Iranian electroacoustic composer and musician currently based in the Netherlands, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Sonology from Royal Conservatory in the Hague and Fine ART from Tehran Art University. Mehrnaz’s artistic practice focuses on designing sound installations, audiovisual performances, and live electroacoustic improvisation. In her work, she incorporates sounds from custom-made acoustic instruments, and urban spaces, as well as synthesized sound which is generated and manipulated by creative coding.

Tselem Enosh

Tselem Enosh is a project of Liza Kuzyakova (Sáof) and Amos Peled (Thomim, Karkait, WEC). Their music exists in the intersection of power electronics, industrial rhythms, and occasional bursts of noise, building another confusing reality – ambient in the terror of the sound. Their live shows drag a listener into an experience of hypnotic and repetitive sound, almost becoming a lullaby of unspoken tales. Screams screech from within the throat, strings opening gates to other ears, noise unraveling for the chambers of the soul. They have performed at a variety of venues in and outside of Europe.

Bjarni Gunnarsson

Bjarni Gunnarsson is a composer and Computer Scientist from Reykjavík, Iceland. Interested in process-based sound and algorithmic composition. How sound and software interact and the relationship between algorithms and musical behavior. He is recently exploring adaptive synthetic environments, generative sound streams, digital interrupts, and machine-listening applications. He has performed all over the world, such as on Tectonics, Rewire, and Sonar,  has released on a wide variety of labels, and collections of his solo works can be found on several releases, the latest one being “Anticlines” (2021).

Axel Chemla—Romeu-Santos

Axel Chemla—Romeu-Santos is a researcher, musician, and producer.  After a Ph.D. in the neural audio synthesis between IRCAM (Paris) and LIM (Milano), he is actually a post-doctorate in the ACIDS-IRCAM research group, where he works on real-time neural audio synthesis, model hijacking, and research & creation processes. Besides his academic work, he graduated in computer music in CRR93 and worked as a composer in the theater collective Théâtre de la Suspension. He is also a co-founder and the collective, member of the brutal pop member Daim™, and has his one-man band Kenoma.

Anni Nöps

Anni Nöps is a sound artist, electronic composer, and DJ based in the Netherlands. Her sonic palette is bold and explorative, comprising hard-hitting percussions, floating melodies, and tactile noise. She has performed and presented her sonic works at arebyte gallery (London), FIBER Festival (Amsterdam), Sonic Acts Festival (Amsterdam), Tetem Kunstruimte (Enschede) & Rewire Festival (the Hague) and has recently collaborated with contemporary choreographers at ICK/Veem Amsterdam and Stuttgart Ballet.

Practical information

The Grey Space opens at 17.00.
The event starts at 21.30

Regular: €9,50
Students: €7,50

Curated by Yota Morimoto
Yota Morimoto‘s music is heard at airports, museums, and other public spaces in various corners of the world. His recent work includes music for Jewel Changi Airport, a sound installation for Floriade 2022 (with studio pointer*). He is currently leading a project for the metropolitan city of Tokyo for 2023.
Moving Downstairs

Moving Downstairs is a monthly program with concerts and performances, immersive sound pieces, collective experiences and clubbing in the basement of The Grey Space. Depending on the setting, the audience might be seated, standing, dancing, behind a screen or moving through the space. For each edition The Grey Space invites a different guest curator.


Moving Downstairs is made possible by the City of The Hague.