Perpetual Beta [encounters in open space] – Maker Event #3

Fri 25 June

During the exhibition, each maker will have the opportunity to present an artistic research question to the audience and invite guests to inspire the further development of the project. In this week’s event the RNDR project takes the central stage.


This Maker Event will be a public meeting of minds in the realm of philosophy, neurobiology, design and artificial intelligence with philosopher and biologist Ellen ter Gast and RNDR co-founder Jeroen Barendse.

Tickets and reservations

Tickets are €7,50 and provide access to the maker event and entrance to the Exhibition.

Unfortunately we currently have a limited capacity due to the COVID-19 measures. Please make sure to arrive in time as we can’t guarantee access after the start of the event.

Can’t make it to The Grey Space? Visit the event online via


This program is best experienced in combination with the dinner, but can also be attended without participating in the dinner.

Our chef Julio Salsiccia will prepare:
–> Bánh Mì buns (2x) with lemongrass Sriracha tofu, cilantro maggi mayonnaise and daikon and carrot pickle (vegan version available)
–> Bánh Mì buns (2x) with crispy roasted pork, cilantro maggi mayonnaise and daikon and carrot pickle
–> Both served with a noodle salad and coconut chips
–> Price: €15,00

Make your evening complete and make a reservation:
–> Dinner is served between 18:30 and 20:30, cafe and terrace are open between 16:00-22:00.
–> Payment at the bar (pin only).
–> Students get 20% discount on the drink menu.
–> Reservations: via or a DM on Facebook or Instagram. Please mention your name, the amount of guests, the date and which dish you would like.