Forest Moderna

Thu 31 March
→ Sun 3 April
Free Entrance (Opening Party: €4 at the door)

Third-year BA Interior Architecture & Furniture Design (Royal Academy of Art, The Hague) students invite you to their indoor jungle; Forest Moderna. Visit the exhibition or grab a drink and dance at the opening party by No Friends Collective with DirtyDms, Victor Metske, Uncle George Electronics and Peter Groovin.

“The students invite you to the indoor jungle; Forest Moderna. They present questions about individualism within collective spaces and ask themselves if we’re all “out of the woods” just yet. Audiences are welcome to migrate through their plant-based structures and ask oneself about the nature of a shelter; be it a stage, a cave, or something else entirely. Each student explored these questions by providing refuge for a specific herbage of their choice. In doing so, they ascertained what it means to be a shrub in a “neighbourhood” of others. In this antisocial environment, we’re all crawling out of, for some a house is a shelter to thrive in, but for some, community is. Ask yourself in this space, what is your ideal sanctuary?”
With works by: Diederick Tutein Nolthenius, Dora Szilvasi-Lehy, Janina Bahvalova, Laureen Lamballais, Leonie Von Saldern, Sunhyo Mastenbroek, Alekseys Malisevs, Thijs Fisser, Hyuna Park, Enrique Torres, Laura Ajola and Josha Zwanenburg.
Opening Times
  • Thursday 17.00–23.00
  • Friday 17.00-02.00
  • Saturday 15.00–02.00
  • Sunday 14.00–18.00
Exhibition Opening x No Friends Collective

Join the opening of the exhibition on Friday, the 1st of April, 19.00.

From 22.00 until 02.00 No Friends Collective presents DirtyDms, Victor Metske, Uncle George Electronics and Peter Groovin. Come grab a drink and dance!

Door-sale only: €4