Everything is Before Now is Everything: Opening Party

Thu 17 November
€6,00 (presale) €7,00 (door)

On the opening night of Everything is Before Now is Everything’, the artists invite you to a party in the basement to properly kick off the exhibition. 

Two DJs, two bands, and a karaoke set narrate the sound of the evening. You are very welcome to join in on the sung merriment but are also free to enjoy the music from a distance. 

  • 20.00–21.00 Pranava
  • 21.00–22.00 Gronograph
  • 22.00–23.00 Black Tarantula
  • 23.00–01.00 Bärk
  • 01.00–02.00 EBD

Pranava commences the night by playing a folktronica sound with a twist, which  Gronographic follows with sounds that are sure to energize and emote you. Black Tarantula then showcases venomously played organs and guitars, hollow coffin basses, neanderthal drums, and vocals shining for their absence. Later, Bärk takes you on a ritualistic journey, through a multidisciplinary artistic vision of the future, by blending electronics with experimental ambient-like features. EBD concludes the evening by playing music that is rooted in a love for techno, a right groove with outings to varying styles.

Practical Information

The Grey Space opens at 17.00.
The event starts at 22.00.

Tickets: €6,00 (presale) , €7,00 (door)

Combine your visit

This event is part of ‘Everything is Before Now is Everything’, a free art exhibition by KABK alumni. Combine your visit to The Grey Space by visiting both. For more information, click on the button below.