[Dis]Comfort Food

Thu 18 May

This event is in the past. Click the button below for a selection of photos that were taken that day.

Presented by The Grey Space

Artist Cemre Kara, sensory food designer Laila Snevele and chef Emre Özakat present an interactive food performance shaped as a dinner with experimental tableware. The experience is part of Food for Thought, our event series about artistic culinary experiences.

[Dis]Comfort Food is a collaborative project by Cemre Kara and Laila Snevele born out of a iii residency project in The Hague. The series focuses on the body’s role in eating. It transforms dinnertime into a fun and playful experience by inviting guests to partake in performative setups where they use unconventional dining tools during each dinner session. In continuation of their [Dis]Comfort Food series, this latest edition presents new cutleries along the old ones in a new format.

Program + Menu

Engaging with the theme of “Collective Work”, the chefs invite you to enjoy a belt ladle of vodka, cucumber and basil, accompanied by sourdough bread & butter, salt-baked root vegetables, smoked labneh and chive.

This is followed by spaghetti with black garlic to be savored using ingenious elbow cutlery. For the final piece, have a taste of the delicious chocolate semifreddo with olive oil with the help of chained cutleries.

Practical information

The Grey Space opens at 16.30
Walk-in at 18.30
[Dis]comfort Food: New Edition starts at 19.00

Regular online: €27,50
Student online: €22,50

Cemre Kara

Turkish Artist Cemre Kara is a graduate of KABK’s ArtScience Interfaculty. She works with a range of media, from projection mapping to performances and audiovisual experiences. Her performances and installations aim to explore social and political contexts. Her current research is about food in a cultural context. She creates performative eating situations and produces ceramic dinnerware.

Laila Snevele

Laila Snevele is a sensory food designer, who explores the perception of food through multi-sensorial research: What role does color, shape, texture, temperature, sound, mouth sensations and aroma play in our understanding of a certain food? And how can we use these elements to change or elevate our sense of taste? Snevele designs recipes for the brain.

Emre Özakat
Chef Emre Özakat is an Amsterdam based mixed-media artist, hailing from Istanbul. His experiences coming up in precarious times in Turkey play a central role to his practice. His work transcends various mediums, including video, installation, digital prints and food.
Food for Thought

Food for Thought blurs the lines between culinary and artistic expression. This performative dinner series empowers selected artists to redefine the boundaries of food as an artistic medium. Join us in this flavorful exploration, where food becomes a canvas for creativity and connection.


Food for Thought is made possible by the Creative Industries Fund NL.

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