Dinner Session: Magrit Gseller-Lapa Pereira & Andreas Freyer + Cardboard Lamb

Fri 8 July

Presented by The Grey Space in the Middle

Another week, another dinner session. Join us for an inspiring evening carefully balancing delicious food and pleasant tunes of the night.

Inspired by artist Gordon Matta-Clark’s restaurant FOOD, which existed in the 1970s in New York, The Grey Space invites people to come and cook affordable meals as an artistic and social expression during our weekly Dinner Sessions. DJs will guide the evening musically and make you dance after dinner.

This week Magrit Gseller-Lapa Pereira & Andreas Freyer take over the kitchen and Cardboard Lamb provides the night with a musical outline.


On the menu is a wasteful delicious vegan curry with a side salad, made out of scavenged and leftover vegetables.

Price: €12,50

  • Doors open at 17.00, Dinner Session starts at 18.30.
  • Payment at the bar (pin only).
  • Students get 20% discount on the drink menu.
  • Reservations: via reservations@thegreyspace.net. Please mention your name, the amount of guests and the date.
Magrit Gseller-Lapa Pereira & Andreas Freyer

WASTELAND is created and curated by Yannik Güldner and Leon Lapa Pereira, the Community Program Facilitator of iii, a maker, artist and thinker who explores the boundaries between art and science. In the kitchen for this Dinner Session are none other than Leon’s parents. Bringing the feeling of home and care into The Grey Space during one of the first days of WASTELAND.

Cardboard Lamb

Carboard Lamb is the moniker of Cara Mayer. Cara is interested in the intersection of technology, art, cinema, and music, with a particular focus on poetic computation and radio as a work of art and narrative tool. She works at Pinkman Records, Operator Radio, and at Future Intel, where she is a writer. She also directs a radio-show named ‘Dear Navigator’ together with Sylvie van Wijk at GoodTimesBadTimes. Lastly, she hosts ‘Side Effects’ — a radio show that falls halfway between a living-room chat and a DJ set — with Patrick Marsman at Operator for Pinkman.