Wed 6 July
→ Sun 17 July
Pay what you can

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WASTELAND is a 12-day transdisciplinary festival on waste ecologies. The festival is composed of an exhibition with the work of 13 artists, a symposium with 12 speakers, and 7 workshops which allow you to experience, learn and make collectively.

The festival puts the spot on trash, highlights the objects and products we throw away daily, and aims to create a space of potential to rethink our current relationship to waste. By creating a vibrant hub for interdisciplinary learning, the public can overcome their disgust and encounter the beauty of trash.

Opening Night


18.00 Doors open
19.30 Opening words
20.00 Steffan de Turck (live)
20.30 Andrzej Konieczny (live)
22.00 c00 (dj)
00.00 Fatima Ferrari (dj)

fungus socialis [exhibition]


WASTELAND invited thirteen artists rooted in different practices and fields to come together for the group exhibition “Fungus socialis” to reimagine waste materials collectively and offer an outlook into a world in which we see waste through a different lens. Each artist provides an individual approach to working with thrown-away materials in the physical, digital, and metaphysical space.

With works by: 

Tommy Smits, Daniel Dmyszewicz, Phillip Groubnov, Nuno Orlando, Manon Malan, Bas Kaufmann, Refunc, Karin Kytökangas, Nika Schmitt & Flora van Dullemen, Valentino Russo, Carolien Adriaansche, Galerie de Jaloezie, Wessel Verrijt.

wast3d-care [symposium]


Wast3D-care will present a thematic triptych of production, transportation, and transformation of waste. Within this frame, it presents projects that prove that care for waste is not wasted. It shows a group of scientists, researchers, artists, architects, designers, and trash enthusiasts that dedicated their profession and hobbies to the crucial and omnipresent topic of waste.

With talks by:

Juliane Baruck, Steffen Krones, Alexander Klaus, Denis Oudendijk, Damian van der Velden, Ada Reinthal, Jan Jongert, Boy Zandbergen, Clarissa Peny, Olaf Duin, Peter Smith.

Learning by Making [workshops]


To understand the multiplicity of waste, WASTELAND facilitates the exchange and transmission of knowledge in all parts of society and brings people together through shared experiences. To achieve this, WASTELAND, together with seven different makers, developed a series of workshops that enable the participant to reuse and give new purposes to waste material. “Learning by Making” is the resulting five-day workshop program, consisting of seven workshops that aim to raise awareness of new encounters with waste and trash.

The participants will be able to gain new knowledge and work in the fields of 3D-printing with Clarissa Peny (1), a social experience with Boy Zandbergen of Onzichtbaar Den Haag (2), bike repair with Jakov Habjan (3), rechance with Beata Bruijn (4), storytelling with Dennis van Eck (5), movement practices by Eilit Marom (6) and functional upcycling with Denis Oudendijk of Refunc (7).

Closing Night


16.00 Doors open
20.00 Eilit Marom (live performance)
21.00 Izabela Pacewicz & Christian Smith (live performance)
22.00 – 00.00 himsaintchrist (dj)
00.00 – 02.00 Karoliina Pärnänen (dj)


To make WASTELAND as accessible as possible, we are offering all tickets in the form of a sliding scale, in which it is up to you to decide how much you can, or are willing to pay to visit the event. In the ticket shop, you will always see the full price, but by entering the promo code “paywhatyoucan”, you are able to reduce the price in the range of 10%, 30% to 60% of the original price.

Opening times

Wed-Fri 16.00–23.00
Sat-Sun 12.00–23.00

Daily 13.00–19.00

Times can be found in the ticketshop.


WASTELAND is developed, conceptualized, curated, and produced by: Yannik Güldner and  Leon Lapa Pereira.

Visual identity: Clara Lezla & Selina Landis.

Scenography, light, and transportation: Maarten Keus.

Exhibition Design and volunteer coordination: Anna Möller.

Campaign video: Omer van Soldt & Mar Clapes.

Special thanks to: Anne Vera van Veen, Narges Mohammadi, Anna Jansen, the whole team of The Grey Space in the Middle, and every artist, expert, and maker involved in making this possible.