Gabriel Paiuk – Focus

Fri 6 October
→ Tue 10 October
Free entry

Presented by Gabriel Paiuk

While our understanding of focus primarily centers on its optical aspects, Gabriel Paiuk‘s Focus, delves into the intriguing realm of auditory adaptation and the influence of sound technology.

We are quite used to consider focus in its optical manifestation, but what happens in the realm of sound? Do we adjust our hearing to our aural surrounding in a similar way as we rely on our eyes and cameras to do in the visual realm? What role does sound technology play in these adjustments? Focus is a sound installation exploring the ambiguous materiality of the audible. When wandering freely across the room, what the visitor hears undergoes transformations. From the representation of a space to a seemingly tactile sensation, from the substance of memory to an intimate presence.

Gabriel Paiuk (1975, Buenos Aires) is a composer and sound artist concerned with the ways in which we listen. His work takes the form of sound installations, compositions for instruments and electronic sources and collaborations with other disciplines.

Practical information

The opening hours of the exposition.

  • Friday 14.00–20.00
  • Saturday 20.00–01.30
  • Sunday 14.00–20.00
  • Monday 14.00–20.00
  • Tuesday 15.00–17.00 & 18.00–20.00

Entry to the exhibition is free

The Grey Space x Museumnacht

On Saturday, October 7th, the exhibition is part of Museumnacht Den Haag, an evening filled with art and culture, as well as exciting activities: workshops, guided tours, performances, and much more.

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