The Grey Space x Museumnacht

Sat 7 October

Presented by The Grey Space, part of Museumnacht Den Haag

Museumnacht Den Haag invites you to explore the vibrant art scene of The Hague as numerous art spaces open their doors for a night of cultural immersion. Among them, The Grey Space offers a packed multidisciplinary program.

Museumnacht Den Haag is a collaborative effort involving the Stichting Haagse Museumnacht, Donkergroen creators, and various museums and cultural institutions in The Hague, Scheveningen, and Voorburg. This annual event offers a unique opportunity to explore all the participating museums using a single entrance ticket. Upon presenting your e-ticket at the designated information points (to be announced soon), you will be provided with a wristband granting you access to all the participating museums and the entire program of events.


Discover an extraordinary program featuring ‘Focus’, an innovative sound installation by Gabriel Paiuk exploring ambiguous materiality of the audible, immersive works by Rotterdam-based crew HipSick, and an exclusive interactive installation by Open Space resident, Ildikó Horváth. As the night progresses, head down to our basement from 00.30 until 04.00, and dance to the sounds of The Grey Space’s DJs, with: Alina Valentina and YoungWoman.

Practical Info

This event is only accessible with a Museumnacht wristband. More than 30 museums and cultural institutions will open their doors for the Museumnacht visitors, all accessible with a single ticket. Check for more information and ticket prices.


The Grey Space opens at 17.00, the Museumnacht starts at 20.00.

Open Space: Ildikó Horváth – centreOFFgravity

  • 20.30–21.00
  • 22.00–22.30
  • 23.00–23.30

Gabriel Paiuk – ‘Focus’

  • 20.00–01.30, ongoing

HipSick – ‘Funeral Ecstasy; The Paradise’

  • 20.00–00.30.


  • 00.30–02.00 Alina Valentina
  • 02.00–04.00 YoungWoman
Open Space: Ildikó Horváth – centreOFFgravity
In fall 2023, artist Ildikó Horváth will participate in the Open Space residency program at The Grey Space in the Middle. During her stay, Horváth works on her project ‘center OFF gravity’, in which she researches the physical sense of balance and humans’ relationship with gravity, based on the sound and the physics of kinetic ceramic objects. During Museum Night, visit the ongoing interactive installation in which sound is made ‘bodily’ or one of the performances of handstand artist Melody Nolan, and witness her search for balance of sound and movement.

We are used to seeing focus in its optical manifestation. But what happens in the realm of sound? Do we tune our hearing into our auditory environment in a similar way as we do with our eyes in the visual realm? Focus is a sound installation by Gabriel Paiuk, exploring ambiguous materiality of the audible. Wander through space and hear the transformations. From the representation of a space to a seemingly tactile sensation and from the substance of memory to an intimate presence.

Funeral Ecstasy; The Paradise

HipSick is a Rotterdam-based crew operating at the intersection of performance and installation art. They started working on FUNERAL ECSTASY, a new series that challenges conventional perspectives on the end. The first installment, The Paradise, delves into the theme of impermanence and invites you to contemplate the transience of life. During this research presentation, you as the audience will be engaged to provide input on specific questions. Immerse yourself in this emerging new world and become a co-creator of The Paradise.


Moving seamlessly into the night, music will be provided by Alina Valentina and Young Woman.

Alina Valentina, a prolific producer with a genre-bending track record, promises a heavy-hitting night with her eclectic DJ selections. Joining her is YoungWoman, the Egypt-born Amsterdam DJ known for her relentless, mind-bending bootyclub beats.

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