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Last updated: 23-02-2023

The Grey Space uses and processes the data of its visitors to improve communication. Your privacy is important to us, thus we wish to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a European Union law that gives its citizens control over their personal data. In this privacy policy, we set out how your data is used and processed when using our website, ticketing systems and socials as well as how we gather information through other means.

Please note:

  • This text is subject to change, refinement and expansion in the future. Find the date it was last updated at the top of this page.
  • Disputes in relation to our usage of data can only be submitted to the competent court in The Hague.
  • Non-public images and texts on this website are protected by copyright. Our brand and logo is protected under trademark law.
  • Stichting The Grey Space in the Middle is a registered foundation, covering all parties under its umbrella.

Our aim is to provide clear communication, accommodated through our website and socials, which meets the needs of the visitor. In order to successfully accomplish this, we store your personal information, which we collect in various ways and on different digital platforms. 

With this personal data we are able to gain a better understanding about our audience as well as being able to enhance our marketing and communications by for example improving the website. Furthermore, the data allows us to update you on the events you bought tickets for, and inform you about other events we think are relevant to you.


Our communication primarily relies on digital media, which inherently indicates our use of Google Analytics in gaining insight in our visitor’s behavior on our website in seeking to improve our communication and services. Google Analytics, under Meta, uses cookies to track information, which is anonymised in accordance with GDPR. This means that your personal data, which includes location, interests and browsing behaviour, is recorded according to their respective privacy policies.

Cookies, and the personal information that they carry along, allows us to optimize our website. We place cookies that track your surfing behavior on our website so that we can offer you customized content that is relevant for you, and thereby also optimize our website. The personal information that the cookies carry along is used for targeted/retargeting advertisement campaigns on social media (Facebook, Instagram) and further utilized for internal reporting purposes.

During your first visit to our website, we informed you about these cookies and asked your permission to place them. You can opt out of cookies by configuring your internet browser to stop storing cookies. In addition, you can also delete any information previously stored via your browser settings. By not accepting our cookies, our website will remain at your disposal, but your details and behavior will be excluded from being collected for the purposes stated above.


We use the services of the platform Mailchimp to send our newsletters. 

Your personal information, which covers your first name, last name, email-address, and email preferences, is stored according to Mailchimp’s privacy policy. This data is saved within the mailing list within the platform of Mailchimp, and is employed in sending our newsletters and mailings. If you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter, your information will be removed from the corresponding mailing list.

Ticketing and Reservations

We use the services of Stager for the sale of online tickets to our events.

In order to purchase a ticket or make a reservation for one of our events, you will be required to provide certain information. Your personal information is stored within Stager, according to Stager’s privacy policy. This information includes your first name, last name, e-mail address, billing address, payment information, and, optionally, birthdate, place of residence, and gender. This personal data is used in the contact regarding purchased tickets and potential exchanges about similar events. Furthermore, your data is also employed in keeping you updated about the event you bought tickets for. 

For most events it is also possible to buy a ticket at our door during the events, in which case none of your personal information will be registered.


Are you contacting us via email? Here, all personal information that is attached to your email address is will be known to us, and is only available for viewing by The Grey Space. Any information you supply is stored, and is used to answer questions and/or provide information. Your personal data is deleted when the email interaction is completed.


When you contact us via social media, such as Instagram or Facebook your personal data is recorded according to the privacy policy of the respective platform, which falls under Meta. Personal information you provide is stored as well, and is then utilised to answer questions and/or provide information. 

On location
  • Photography and videography

When visiting The Grey Space, a photographer or videographer that works for our events might take a picture of video of you for promotional purposes. In the case that we use a photo in which you are featured, which you wish to have removed, please contact us. 

  • Security cameras 

Furthermore, we utilize security cameras to record incidents in the case that these happen, and through which we can act upon these incidents. The Grey Space owns eight security cameras distributed through the spaces, Eight security cameras distributed throughout The Grey Space record footage that is then stored on a local server, and is deleted after a maximum of six months. Due to privacy reasons it is not possible for visitors to receive or watch security camera footage.

Retention period and information request

For customer data, we have a retention period of five years. This allows us to reach you, if you have indicated that you want this, when an artist returns and analyze the data (anonymized). Data collected through Google Analytics cookies is stored for 26 months, Facebook Pixel data is deleted after 360 days. 

Any visitor has the right to look into the gathered information with our head of communications. In the case that you wish to have your personal information deleted or corrected if inaccurate, get in contact with us via Note: you will have to show identification as a security measure in order to gain access. Furthermore, even if you, as a visitor, are not from an EU- country, the GDPR still protects your right as an involved person when your personal contact information is being processed. 

Contact Information

Stichting The Grey Space in the Middle
Paviljoensgracht 20
2512 BP Den Haag

Contact: info[at]


Source of inspiration for this Privacy Policy are Sexyland, PAARD and Paradiso. Content at the links remain the sole property of content authors. We encourage the use of this Privacy Policy by other institutes. Please use the appropriate credits when doing so.

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