[hyperactive] Artificial Intelligence never has a headache — the publication launch of Karina Zavidova by Oneacre.online

[28 Mar]

As citizens of a tech-savvy first world, we are afraid of being run over by another species.[upgrade:] [removed:] (But in fact, we are not comparable.) [added:] But why do we feel inclined to compare and compete?

One Acre

[curious]👁⚠️🗯GROUND FESTIVAL🗯⚠️👁

[17 Mar]

How to act? As victim, as perpetrator? Apathetic or on the contrary revolutionary? How does an artist imagine when traditional answers are no longer sufficient? On the 17th of March The Grey Space will fill up with radical performances, art and music during Ground festival.

⇨ Exhibition | 14.00 – 00.00
‘Engaged Art & Design in Interesting Times!’, curated by Sis Josip.
Artists: Rozemarijn Lucassen, David Powell, Jorick de Quaasteniet, Sis Josip, Satellietgroep, Harold de Bree, Iliada Charalambous, Sabrina Lindemann, Eliane Esther Bots, Ellen Endhoven, Lorena Solis Bravo, Arthur van Balen. Artists and designers who are exhibiting are all based in Den Haag.
A podcast, in which the theme is discussed with the artists, will guide you through exhibition.
⇨ 14.00 opening performance by Kubra Kadhemi

⇨ Music program | 20.00-00.00
20.00 uur Katarina Petrović
20.30 uur KLIN KLINOM: Anna Mikhailova
21.15 uur Katarina Petrović
21.30 uur CHEMTRAILS
22.15 uur Katarina Petrović
22.55 uur Katarina Petrović
23.10 uur COMMITTEE




[staring all night] 〰️⚗️〰️ TRIPTYCH ORIEL 〰️⚗️〰️

[18 Mar - 31 Mar]

On the 18th Wouter Van De Kuijt and Jessie Westgeest will be in The Grey Space to experiment with light, water and materials to build an installation that can be seen through the windows 24/7. Before the finissage on the 31st they will be in residency a few more days to extend the installation.

‘Triptych Oriel is a collaboration between graphic designer Wouter van de Kuijt and photographer Jessie Westgeest.
// The element water, melancholic and emotional data, the spaciousness of an image and three dimensional forms. Material as an object and reflection. ‘

⇨ On showcase 24/7 through the windows, on some days the installation can be visited inside.


[watching a movie] 🎞👁‍🗨 WYSIWYG | ‘The thin blue line’ 👁‍🗨🎞

[24 Mar]

In the first half of 2018 tiny echoes returns with a new series of WYSWYG film nights at The Grey Space in the Middle. During these upcoming events we will further dive into the notions of cinema, and explore both the possibilities of film but also the experience of watching (a) film. Our exploration starts with Erol Morris’ The Thin Blue Line, a documentary based on real life events but one that’s also pushing the limits of narrative cinema. Where does fiction and non-fiction collide? How can cinema directly influence our daily lives and what are the possible consequences? Let’s try to figure it out on Saturday 24th of March within our ever-changing viewing space.

20:00 — Doors open


THE THIN BLUE LINE by Errol Morris

(USA, 1988, 103 min, English language, English subtitles)

In this documentary from ’88, Errol Morris investigates a 1976 murder case by creating cinematic re-enactments of the events that happened back then. Guided by an enchanting soundtrack by Philip Glass, Morris uncovers the truth and seeks out what really happened, to eventually change our history (and future) and the unavoidable repercussions.

Tiny Echoes

[thrilled] ❎📢REWIRE FESTIVAL @ The Grey Space | performance Glice and Dieter Vandoren 📢❎

[7 Apr]

For REWIRE 2018 Glice and Dieter Vandoren will create an audio-visual performance that combines the visceral, larger-than-life sound of Glice with an immersive spatial light installation by Dieter Vandoren. Maintaining a strong improvisational core, the piece will evolve as a continuous dialogue between light and sound, with the performers inspiring and challenging each other to explore unchartered audio-visual territories.

Glice is the brainchild of Amsterdam-based musicians Ruben Braeken and Melle Kromhout. Conceived as an antidote to the song-based, pop-tendencies of their other musical outfits, Glice sees the pair diving into their love of abstract music, producing a deep musical journey that wades into the realms of post-classical and post-industrial music.

REWIRE ARTIST: Dieter Vandoren https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=281&v=SWfeyPE00RQ

[scrolling through] 📀☕️🌈🎙The Hague Record Fair 🎙🌈☕️📀

[22 Apr]

It’s time for the 5th edition of The Hague Record Fair. On the 22nd The Grey Space will fill up with loads of vinyl and DJ’s all day long.

There’s food provided by Haagse hapjes, drinks by The Grey Space, coffee by Tigershark Coffee and MASSAGES by Eve Chair Massage

NO free Parking 🚗


Espresso Records


[9 Feb - 16 Feb]

The 5th edition of multidisciplinary festival Grauzone Festival 2018​ will take place Saturday 10.02.18 @ Paard​ & Koorenhuis​ in The Hague.

The GRAUKUNST EXHIBITION will take place @The Grey Space in the Middle : 9-16 feb VOID presents photography, sculptures, paintings installations, collage, video, and performances


Friday 9 February 17:30 – 00.00

Celebrate the opening with food and drinks and a DJ set by #ELIXER (#TrishTrash & #SidIdiopath).


Saturday 10 February 13:00 – 00.00

Prior and during the festival, the exhibition will be open for public. In the evening there will be two performances which are integrated with Grauzone Festival. Performances by Andrea van Gelder (nl) and Eva Elaine & Ragnar (nl). Programme and times will be announced in the official Grauzone timetable.


Theis Wendt (dk) / Filip Vervaet (be) / Harold de Bree (nl) / Nik Christensen (uk) / Isabel Reitemeyer (ger) / Mio Fujimaki (jap) / Andrea van Gelder (nl) / Bertus Gerssen (nl) / Eva Elaine & Ragnar (nl) / Lula Valletta (nl) / Laura A Dima (ro) / Natasja Alers (nl) / Lillian Vlaun (awb)/ Marie de Bruyn (be) / Rik Buter (nl)


Friday 16 February 17:30 – 00:00

Celebrate with us the ending of the exhibition with food and drinks, a DJ set and a surprise.


Grauzone festival is an independent multidisciplinary underground festival with a diverse and cutting-edge program where music, film and art complement each other. Grauzone festival features young talent as well as established names rooted in or influenced by the underground music scene of the eighties. The program consists of performances by (international) bands and DJ’s, a symposium with lectures and interviews, an exhibition and a film program.



╋╋╋ Free Entrance ╋╋╋


Good Work | NOUN | KABK Photography

[25 Jan - 30 Jan]

💥[flash] [click click]💥💥💥 ’Embrace the vibrant landscape of post-capitalist society, where robots operate side by side with humans hidden inside the machines, where we deal with poisonous heritage of industrial age, and need to find ways to translate the most intimate moments of our past into the digital age. ***

NOUN is an international art collective of 33 students at Royal Academy of Art The Hague (3rd year Photography department). After 5 months of researching what ’Good Work’ actually is, and litres of sweat and tears – the students are ready to share their findings in a group exhibition, curated by Femke Lutgerink.

Process and images Support the students via Voordekunst Facebook

WYSIWYG | Chessboxin’

[16 Dec]

[watching a movie] 🗡🎬 WYSIWYG is back with a great screening! Edition 8 will show ‘The 36th Chamber of Shaolin’ (1978) 🗡🎬“A game of chess, is like a sword fight. You must think first, before you move!” This edition WYSIWYG enters the 36 Chambers by highlighting the relationship between Hong Kong kung fu cinema from the ’70s and the origins of the Wu-Tang Clan. How is the American hip-hop collective inspired through images, sound and methods from these early martial arts films? Alongside the feature film they will also screen several Wu-Tang Clan music videos.

WYSIWYG Facebook

Laser Club #2 | Le1f, Teengirl Fantasy, A Gallon, Torus + Nikki Hock

[9 Dec]

🗯[wants to dance] 🗯 LASER CLUB #2 ⇨⇨⇨
Teengirl Fantasy
A Gallon (wichelroede)
Torus + Nikki Hock

#laserclub #torus #thegreyspaceinthemiddle

Facebook Laser Club

The Hague Hacks | Technology and Freedom

[8 Dec]

[bleepbleep]📲 The Hague Hacks 📲 aims to connect the worlds of technology, justice and peace whilst creating opportunities. This year they investigate the challenges and opportunities of the relationship between technology and freedom by organising a number of talks, workshops, activities and games. The topics which will emerge are #artificalintelligence, #fakenews and #hatespeech, #digitalsurveillance, #opendata and #blockchain. Expect deep topic delving & reflections, printed materials, relaxed ambience, networking, engaging workshops and food + drinks.

The Hague Hacks Facebook

BNO Piet Zwart Prijs | The Future of the Creative Studio | LUST, Moniker, Jonathan Puckey, Experimental Jetset, Catalogtree

[7 Dec]

[reminding you]🗯 “In the end, there is only a black square” A conversation about the future and positioning of the field and the various forms of the creative studio, with LUST, Moniker, Jonathan Puckey, Experimental Jetset and Catalogtree. For this event we’ll celebrate LUST and LUSTlab and their achievements, for which they were awarded the BNO Piet Zwart Prijs 2017. 🗯

17.00 uur – Entrance + drinks and food
17:45 uur – Welcome by Madeleine van Lennep (BNO)
18.00 uur – About LUST & interactive group discussion (English) with Catalogtree, Metahaven, Moniker, Jonathan Puckey en Experimental Jetset
19.30 uur – Drinks and music

⇨ Please let us know if you’ll be there; http://bit.ly/2jgiThJ (free, but there is limited seating) 

LUST | BNO Eventbrite (registration)

Submarine & D&ESR | Doctor Cyclops, Choco

[3 Dec]

[headbanging] 👽👽👽👽 Our grey, grey basement will fill up again with heat, sounds and spit again! ⚡️ Doctor Cyclops is a seventies-style power trio performing heavy rock music inspired by a vintage sound. They’re like the eldest son of glorious Black Sabbath and of other more underground heroes from the 70’s and early 80’s. 👩‍🎤 Choco encounters a lot of different styles of music during their quest. Doom, metal, punkrock, popkraut, stoner, rock, electro, acid, tekno and off course Motorhead and ABBA. 👏🏻

Submarine Facebook

Crossing Border Festival | Scratches II

[4 Nov]

📓✏️💬 [browsing-looking-listening] 🃏💚  At Crossing Border you can experience Scratches II; a zine that shows comics from International artists. Author and editor-in-chief Joost Swarte and publisher and editor Mara Joustra invite and interview several authors related to the second issue. 👾

Crossing Border Festival Facebook

Crossing Border Festival | Cosey Fanni Tutti & John Grant

[4 Nov]

📓✏️💬 [browsing-looking-listening] 🃏💚  As part of Crossing Border, the international literature and music festival, we are honoured to host an interview with Cosey Fanni Tutti, who recently wrote a book about her flamboyant life and breaking free from our old fashioned patriarchic way of living. She shares the stage with John Grant. 👾

Crossing Border Festival Facebook

Crossing Border Festival | Scratches II

[3 Nov]

📓✏️💬 [browsing-looking-listening] 🃏💚  At Crossing Border you can experience Scratches II; a zine that shows comics from International artists. Author and editor-in-chief Joost Swarte and publisher and editor Mara Joustra invite and interview several authors related to the second issue. 👾

Crossing Border Facebook

Grauzone & Submarine | 10 000 Russos, The Lumes, TSROD

[25 Oct]

👽♣️♥️[brain crumbles]👽♣️♥️ Soak yourself in 10 000 Russos’ soundscapes of the subconscious, The Lumes’ pitch black protopunk and The Sweet Release of Death’s noise rock, shoegaze and post punk. Grauzone and Submarine join forces for this great one nighter!

Submarine Facebook

WYSIWYG | Breaking The Mold | Born in Flames

[13 Oct]

[eating popcorn] 👁🎬 Each edition of the WYSIWYG film club has a new theme, and there’s a new one coming up at TGS. Drop by and be surprised by the cosy setting and forgotten gems from filmmakers all over the world. For edition 7 (‘Breaking The Mold’), Lizzie Borden’s ‘BORN IN FLAMES’ (1983) is screened. 🎥💚

WYSIWYG Facebook

Submarine | Haagse Pop Week | Stars At Night, Wet Boys

[13 Oct]

[rocking] 👀💣⛓🔊 Enjoy a night that is different from your local indie concert at this upcoming edition of Submarine! 🖤 Stars At Night 🖤 fly over from LA to play you some tough, punky, filthy and energising rock. 💦 Wet Boys 💦 from The Hague will play some garage rock and let you be the headbanging groupie you always wanted to be. Afterwards ⚡DJ Trish Trash⚡ (GRAUZONE) will play some records @ the basement of TGS 👁‍🗨 💭✅

Submarine Facebook

HKU Media | Graphic Design | Stëfan Schäfer

[9 Oct - 13 Oct]

🏁👁 Stëfan Schäfer hosts a one-week workshop on cultural appropriation for the 3rd year students of Graphic Design (HKU | Media) ⚡️⚡️

TodaysArt Festival | Data Workers Union | The Institute of Human Obsolescence

[23 Sep]

🤑DATA WORKERS UNION🤑  The Institute of Human Obsolescence investigates the production of data as a form of labor. All of us have unwittingly become data workers, yet we lack the capacity to even negotiate the terms of our labor. To embrace its complexity Xenia Lotus, René Mahieu and Manuel Beltrán propose to look at it through the framework of workers’ rights.🗣

TodaysArt Institute of Human Obsolescence Facebook

TodaysArt Festival | Locating Artscience | Eric Kluitenberg (Lecture + Panel)

[22 Sep]

👁💥HOW DO WE INTERACT WITH ALGORITHMS, AND HOW DO ALGORITHMS INTERACT WITH US?💥👁 ‘Locating ArtScience’ (part of TodaysArt Festival 2017) is an exhibition by ArtScience Interfaculty alumni. The artists (Mischa Daams, Mike Rijnierse & Rob Bothof, Gabey Tjon a Tham, Philip Vermeulen, Manuel Beltrán and Bat-Erdene Batchuluun) will fill TGS with their work, researching automation and the position of ArtScience in a global context. Within the context of the exhibition, Eric Kluitenberg will do a presentation and host a panel with the artists in relation to his new publication ‘Locating ArtScience’.

TodaysArt Facebook

TodaysArt Festival | Locating Artscience

[20 Sep - 24 Sep]

👁💥HOW DO WE INTERACT WITH ALGORITHMS, AND HOW DO ALGORITHMS INTERACT WITH US?💥👁 ‘Locating ArtScience’ (part of TodaysArt Festival 2017) is an exhibition by ArtScience Interfaculty alumni. The artists (Mischa Daams, Mike Rijnierse & Rob Bothof, Gabey Tjon a Tham, Philip Vermeulen, Manuel Beltrán, Bardo Frings, Eric Kluitenberg and Bat-Erdene Batchuluun) will fill TGS with their work, researching automation and the position of ArtScience in a global context.

TodaysArt Facebook

TodaysArt Festival | Cryptoparty | Ksenia Ermoshina, Daniel Erlacher

[22 Sep]

A cryptoparty is a grassroots global endeavour to introduce the basics of practical cryptography. Ksenia Ermoshina (TransCyberien) and Daniel Erlacher (Elevate Festival) give participants hands-on experience using and working with privacy and encryption technologies. Bring your own computer or phone.

TodaysArt Facebook

TodaysArt Festival | Make Your Own Self-driving Car | Hackers & Designers

[22 Sep]

👾🗯💚[making robot cars] 💚🗯👾 Sign up for the workshop ‘Make your own self-driving car with Hackers & Designers as part of TodaysArt 2017 ◼️ During this hands-on workshop Heerko van der Kooij and Selby Gildemacher (of Hackers & Designers) will show you what is going on inside a toy car, how to hack the remote control and make the car follow a line independently.

TodaysArt Facebook