Cinetoko Festival 💥💥💥

[23 Jun]


The first Cinetoko Fest 2018 is packed with presentations and talks by international creatives in the world of film and animation. There are lectures and screenings, live animation and an exhibition. The program will be announced soon.

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🖥🙌⚙️ Border Sessions Festival

[13 Jun - 16 Jun]

[in tech realm]

Border Sessions is a yearly technology conference and a year-round lab aimed to kick-start and fuel challenging ideas, experiments and endeavours. They unite creative and critical minds from around the globe who share the belief that technology should be a powerful instrument for positive change. Every edition of Border Sessions you get to meet new partners and collect new experiences and ideas for your future endeavours. The programme for the next edition will be announced soon.

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Holaa! festival 💖👁💖 Hoogtij#53

[8 Jun - 10 Jun]


The Holaa! Festival is an intimate, small-scale art festival which allows you to explore contemporary art in The Hague. Explore the locations by yourself or join a tour with one of our special guides, on foot or by bike. Many art locations will be open with extra activities during the event.

⇨ The programme starts at The Grey Space on Friday at 18:00,
guided tours leave from The Grey Space at 19:00.
⇨ From 19:00 – 23:00 over 25 art spaces are open (Hoogtij#53).
⇨ Check the website for further information and guided tours
(reserve a spot before June 8th 12:00 via

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⚡️🌹🌨🍇Utopia Ball x Fashion Show 🍇🌨🌹⚡️

[2 Jun]

[dares to dream]

The Utopia Ball is The Hague’s first-ever ball and fashion show. The Utopia Ball is created by Typhoon Prodigy and Yamuna Garçon (aka Yamuna Forzani). The ball is dedicated to artists and creatives who are imagining a better world. The ball is about celebrating those who have paved the way, inspired us to dare to dream. Yamuna Forzani is a British fashion/textile designer based in The Hague who will show her newest collection in a fabulous fashion show!

Ball categories listed in event! 🍍🍍🍍🍍

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Festival Dag in de Branding #48 🎷🎹

[26 May]

[all ears]

This edition of Festival Dag in de Branding revolves around ‘spaces and fringes’.
The Matangi Quartet will perform on the ground floor. Through the application of prepared instruments, music boxes and all conceivable sounds that string instruments can produce, a new soundscape is created.

After that, Barbara Ellison engages listeners in a sonic experience using both human voices and computer ‘text-to-speech’ sampled voices as tools and materials to explore and generate Vocal Phantoms through the intensive and extensive use of repetition.

⇨ Check Festival Dag in de Branding for other programs and further information.

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Sniester ☣️🖤☣️ Festival

[25 May - 26 May]


Sniester presents an adrenaline ride amidst a hundred acts, happening in the Popdistrict in The Hague. The old and the new, fragile solo-acts or nasty grind-metal will break your doors of perception wide open again With oa. The Bellrays, Orgel Vreten, The Charm The Fury, Tusky, Afterpartees.

⇨ Info about the program in The Grey Space will soon be announced.

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Set. ArtScience Preview Show 🖲⏳💡

[11 May - 13 May]


Set. is the preview show of ArtScience Interfaculty graduates of the KABK and features works by: Jan Boudestijn, Maarten Brijker, Nele Brökelmann, Koen de Groot, Leandros Ntolas, Veerle Pennock, John Sandli, June Yu and Manuel Beltrán.

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WYSIWYG #10 🗺 1+1=3

[12 May]

[eyes open at all times]

WYSIWYG is turning ten editions strong and somehow they managed not to screen a single (former) Soviet Union film so far during one of their events. As a cinematic language, Soviet cinema is just as important as its Hollywood counterpart and shaped alternative ways in watching and understanding the moving image. Therefore they’ll screen Mikhail Kalatozov 1960’s adventure ‘Letter Never Sent‘ and will tell you more about the various cinematographic methods Russian directors used throughout the years.


🎧🎧🎧 Firma MES | De Affaire

[12 Apr - 12 May]


An audiotour while exploring The Hague. 👀 The tour will start at The Grey Space, together. At a certain moment you’ll continue the journey alone. It wil be an experience driven by thoughts of you and others.

+/- 50 minutes
⇨ Dutch

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The Hague Record Fair🎙🌈

[22 Apr]

[scrolling through]

It’s time for the 5th edition of The Hague Record Fair.
On the 22nd of April The Grey Space will fill up with loads of vinyl and DJsets all day long!

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💿Index | Pessimist, Filter Fedde, Generate, Hexblack, Jim Zweerts & Mark Ridder 💿

[21 Apr]

[indiscreetly dancing]

Submarine presents INDEx, a night full of electronic explorations

Pessimist | Filter Fedde | Generate | Hexblack | Jim Zweerts & Mark Ridder (A.V. set)

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Rewire ❎📢❎ Festival

[6 Apr - 7 Apr]


For The Grey Space, as a venue of Rewire 2018, Glice and Dieter Vandoren will create an audio-visual performance that combines the visceral, larger-than-life sound of Glice with an immersive spatial light installation by Dieter Vandoren.

⇨ With Tristan Perich: Drawing Machines + Listening Stations | SCRAAATCH | Glice + Dieter Vandoren ♡♡♡ | Kepla | Nadia Struiwigh

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🚀ArtScience Interfaculty | Soy Milkyway Fundrave🚀

[31 Mar]

[in a hurryyyy]

On the 31st of March, ArtScience (KABK masters) is bringing you a highly anticipated intergalactic fundrave to support their graduation!

⇨ Also; the finissage of Triptych Oriel | 24/7 installation. With new exclusive works by Jessie Westgeest and Wouter Van De Kuijt. 

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〰️⚗️〰️ Triptych Oriel | 24/7 installation 〰️⚗️〰️

[18 Mar - 31 Mar]

[staring all night]

‘The element water, melancholic and emotional data, the spaciousness of an image and three dimensional forms. Material as an object and reflection.’
Installation by Wouter Van De Kuijt and Jessie Westgeest, 24/7 exhibited through our windows.

Facebook event | Artificial Intelligence Never Has a Headache | Karina Zavidova🗯🗯

[28 Mar]


OneAcre presents a launch of ‘Artificial Intelligence Never Has a Headache’, a publication by Karina Zavidova.
‘As citizens of a tech-savvy first world, we are afraid of being run over by another species.[upgrade:] [removed:] (But in fact, we are not comparable.) [added:] But why do we feel inclined to compare and compete?’

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🎞👁‍🗨WYSIWYG | The Thin Blue Line

[24 Mar]

[watching a movie]

In this documentary from ’88, Errol Morris investigates a 1976 murder case by creating cinematic re-enactments of the events that happened back then. Guided by an enchanting soundtrack by Philip Glass, Morris uncovers the truth and seeks out what really happened, to eventually change our history (and future) and the unavoidable repercussions. (USA, 1988, 103 min, English language, English subtitles)

20:00 — Doors open
20:30 —  Film starts


👁⚠️🗯Ground Festival🗯⚠️👁

[17 Mar]


‘How to act? As victim, as perpetrator? Apathetic or on the contrary revolutionary? How does an artist imagine when traditional answers are no longer sufficient?’
On the 17th of March The Grey Space will fill up with radical performances, art and music during Ground festival.


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🌪🧠👁🔥Graukunst | Grauzone Festival🔥👁🧠🌪

[9 Feb - 16 Feb]


The Graukunst exhibition ‘Void’ will take place at The Grey Space in the Middle;
Void presents photography, sculptures, paintings installations, collage, video, and performances.

Theis Wendt / Filip Vervaet / Harold de Bree / Nik Christensen / Isabel Reitemeyer  / Mio Fujimaki  / Andrea van Gelder  / Bertus Gerssen  / Eva Elaine & Ragnar  / Lula Valletta / Laura A Dima / Natasja Alers / Lillian Vlaun / Marie de Bruyn / Rik Buter 

Grauzone Graukunst event

💥Good Work | NOUN | KABK Photography💥

[25 Jan - 30 Jan]

[flash] [click click]

NOUN is an international art collective of 33 students at Royal Academy of Art The Hague (3rd year Photography department). After 5 months of researching what ’Good Work’ actually is, the students are ready to share their findings in a group exhibition, curated by Femke Lutgerink.

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WYSIWYG | Chessboxin’ 🎬🎬

[16 Dec]

[watching a movie]

“A game of chess, is like a sword fight. You must think first, before you move!”
This edition WYSIWYG enters the 36 Chambers by highlighting the relationship between Hong Kong kung fu cinema from the ’70s and the origins of the Wu-Tang Clan. 

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⚠️ Laser Club #2 ⚠️ | Le1f, Teengirl Fantasy, A Gallon, Torus & Nikki Hock

[9 Dec]

[wants to dance]

Le1f  | Teengirl Fantasy | A Gallon (wichelroede) | Torus | Nikki Hock

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☑️ The Hague Hacks | Technology and Freedom ☑️

[8 Dec]


The Hague Hacks aims to connect the worlds of technology, justice and peace whilst creating opportunities. This year they investigate the challenges and opportunities of the relationship between technology and freedom by organising a number of talks, workshops, activities and games.

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⬛️ BNO Piet Zwart Prijs | The Future of the Creative Studio | LUST, Moniker, Jonathan Puckey, Experimental Jetset, Catalogtree

[7 Dec]

[reminding you]

“In the end, there is only a black square” A conversation about the future and positioning of the field and the various forms of the creative studio, with LUST, Moniker, Jonathan Puckey, Experimental Jetset and Catalogtree. For this event we’ll celebrate LUST and LUSTlab and their achievements, for which they were awarded the BNO Piet Zwart Prijs 2017.
⇨ Please let us know if you’ll be there; (free, but there is limited seating) 

LUST | BNO Eventbrite (registration)

Submarine & D&ESR | Doctor Cyclops, Choco 👽👽

[3 Dec]


Our grey, grey basement will fill up again with heat, sounds and spit again! ⚡ Doctor Cyclops is a seventies-style power trio performing heavy rock music inspired by a vintage sound. They’re like the eldest son of glorious Black Sabbath and of other more underground heroes from the 70’s and early 80’s. 👩‍🎤 Choco encounters a lot of different styles of music during their quest. Doom, metal, punkrock, popkraut, stoner, rock, electro, acid, tekno and off course Motorhead and ABBA. 👏🏻

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🖌🖍Crossing Border Festival | Scratches II🖌🖍

[4 Nov]


At Crossing Border you can experience Scratches II; a zine that shows comics from International artists. Author and editor-in-chief Joost Swarte and publisher and editor Mara Joustra invite and interview several authors related to the second issue. 👾

Crossing Border Festival Facebook event