Zalán Szakács – Eigengrau (2022)

During a week long residence artist Zalán Szakács made a prototype of his installation ‘Eigengrau’ and complemented it with a performance by sound artist Sébastien Robert.


Eigengrau is an illusion of immaterial space through an immersive experience, where the audience is invited into a collective ritual, a feeling of togetherness.

Eigengrau, meaning ‘dark light’, is a cinematic experience, a ritual in total darkness that solely uses light, haze, sound, smell, and movement. A light cylinder, a reference to the magic circle, takes the audience through a narrative of various mental states. The installation is inspired by phantasmagorias, which were originally built upon mythological stories, political, sociological, and religious propaganda as reflections of the zeitgeist. Accordingly, Eigengrau is the phantasmagoria of the 21st century. Eigengrau frames the negative space, creating a perceptual emotional illusion and a temporary escape in a contemporary setting.

Zalán Szakács

Zalán Szakács is an artist who explores media theories through the use of light, space, and sound. In his media archeological research, he dives into historic technologies and re-interprets them in a contemporary context. Szakács mainly works in the medium of interactive and immersive environments. He sees his role as a mediator between technology and society, creating perceptual experiences that offer alternative technological narratives. For the week prior to Eigengrau being open to the public on the 14th and 15th, Zalán Szakács is a micro-resident at The Grey Space.


Eigengrau was open to visitors during the live performances in collaboration with sound artist Sébastien Robert.


Eigengrau is a project by Zalán Szakács in collaboration with Sébastien Robert (sound design), Marta Wörner (choreography), Renske van Vroonhoven/Attic Lab (smell design), Rein Reitsma (product design), Riccardo de Vecchi (architecture), and Daan Jonkers/RAITO (production design).

Eigengrau is realized with the support of the Creative Industries Fund NL, Netherlands Film Fund, Droom en Daad, and Fonds Kwadraat.

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