Carolien Teunisse + Sabrina Verhage – (Un)natural Augmentations (2021)

As part of a large-scale experiment entitled Perpetual Beta, The Grey Space hosted a group residency with three makers (collectives). In close collaboration with the public, a new form of presentation is explored based on the principles of open source. The result is an exhibition of work-in-progress, where the public is invited to take a look, participate and contribute.
Carolien Teunisse + Sabrina Verhage

Carolien Teunisse is a maker and curator. With installations and immersive experiences she aims to discover dialogues that take place between different types of media, merging realities between people and technology by utilizing projections and detection equipment.

Sabrina Verhage is a maker, designer and technologist. She is fascinated by the influence of modern technology on society and is committed to creating compelling experiences that enable social interaction and change.

Carolien and Sabrina depart from an eco-centric perspective in ‘(Un)natural Augmentations’. Lichens respond to changes in air quality – their state is closely linked to the state of our environment. Based on lichens found near The Grey Space, they develop a virtual growing moss. Visitors are invited to collect lichen and to transfer them to this new virtual form. The result is the outcome of a close and growing inter-species collaboration between lichens, makers and visitors.