Boris de Klerk + Finn Borath – Chamber Pieces

In collaboration with BAU AIR.

Artists Finn Borath and Boris de Klerk are the first participants in the joined residency program of BAU and The Grey Space. Starting with an intense 4 weeks of studio time at BAU in Amsterdam, they bring their work to the basement of The Grey Space to meet an audience.

For their residency at BAU and The Grey Space, Finn and Boris focus entirely on fluorescent lighting. They explore the flickering, ticking, and generally ‘cold’ light often found in offices, clubs, and galleries as a sound source for a new work in their Chamber Pieces. In this series of performances, they compose music for specific spaces, with the only sound source being the technology present in that space. They’d like to discover how to play the TL as an instrument and to develop a form of presentation.

Finn Borath and Boris de Klerk

Finn Borath (Netherlands, 1998)and Boris de Klerk (Netherlands, 1998) have been working together on performances and installations since 2019. In the spring of 2023 they started a series of performances called Chamber Pieces, of which Black Box: First Movement (2023) is the first. The only sound source for this musical composition is all the technology normally found in a theater: smoke machines, moving heads, and fluorescent lights.


Chamber Piece #3 will be presented on June 27th as part of deault#15.

Default Den Haag is a sound series taking place in The Hague, hosting listening events with a focus on experimental music and sound art performances.

BAU The Grey Space 

Under the title BAU The Grey Space both institutions combined residency concepts in order to offer a deepened proces for performance artists.

BAU offers a customized 4-week residency for independent makers in the performing arts. The residency provides time and space to explore for instance working methods, presentation formats, deepen themes and/or establish collaborations in the research phase of a new project. After the 4 weeks at BAU, The Grey Space opens its space in which these same makers will be able to translate their work in progress into a site-specific version to meet an audience during a public event.

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